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How to Add Text Over an Image

Published On: August 6th, 2019·By ·

Creating a custom graphic for a classroom or student project is simpler than you think.

Inside this 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solver video, learn how you can use Adobe Spark to add text over an image. With this free tool, students can add text over an image. Using custom text, fonts, and colors — it's perfect for creating images for student projects.

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Interested in more free web tools to use with students in the classroom? These resources from SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community will help:

Getting Started with Project-based Learning (PBL)How to Add Text Over an Image. Would you like to encourage and develop student problem-solving and critical thinking skills? Project-based Learning (PBL) is a great way to do that. This toolkit contains tools, strategies, and ideas for getting started with Problem-based Learning.

Getting Started with Makerspaces: In STEAM Classes and Across Curriculum. Makerspaces can be a great way to engage students and cultivate skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, design thinking, and empathy. Discover a wide variety of activities and example projects that you can employ across curriculum – not just in math or science classes. In addition, learn how to tie these activities to standards, get started on a budget, and the types of supplies you might want to use. We will also cover how your school can develop a school-wide maker mentality across the curriculum.

What online tools do you like to use in your classroom? Tell me about one in a comment below.

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