How Anderson School District 5 Prepared Their Teachers for a 1:1 Chromebooks Roll-Out Before They Even Had Their Devices

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“As a district, being able to front-load some of that skill-based training with SimpleK12 was huge for us.”

District: Anderson School District 5
State: South Carolina
Number of Schools: 21
Number of Teachers: 2,000
Number of Administrators: 30
SimpleK12 Members Since: July 2013
Director of e-Learning and Integration: Anna Baldwin




Implement a 1:1 Chromebook initiative throughout the district and prepare teachers with the skill-based training they will need.

Baldwin: “SimpleK12 was very useful in helping us provide the 1:1 Chromebooks roll-out training before our teachers even got their devices.”


Professional Development creation was time-intensive and a burden to teachers. Ideal professional development would be personalized, easy to use, and would also track teacher training.

Baldwin: “My philosophy has always been to make Professional Development as easy as possible, manageable, and also something teachers can use in the classroom immediately.”

SimpleK12 allowed teachers to do their Professional Development training anywhere, anytime and then easily implement what they learned into their classroom.

Baldwin: “I think the ability to watch it anywhere and anytime was a big draw for our teachers.”

District requirement – Every certified person has to complete 5 hours of SimpleK12 every year.

School requirements – Digital Integration Specialists push out relevant webinars to their school and then discuss in PLCs with their teachers.

Baldwin: “Our goal is to create a culture of life-long learning and part of that journey is utilizing SimpleK12 in order to help individuals grow professionally and educationally.”

What do you like most about SimpleK12?

“Can be completed anytime from anywhere.”

“Simplicity, easily earned PD credit, good Google content.”

“I like that I can schedule the webinar to meet my schedule (on demand). Stop/restart option as well.”

“Self-paced, flexible, independent.”

“I can choose relevant topics and complete PD when best for my schedule.”


• Total number of training webinars watched: 50,482
• Total hours of training: 27,666
• Total number of logins: 24,765

• Total number of training webinars watched: 12,761
• Total hours of training: 6,495

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