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Recovering from a school year like no other requires unprecedented levels of support for both students and teachers… And the Federal Government is supplying schools with unprecedented levels of funding to support both. But with all of the information around CARES, COVID Relief, and the American Rescue Plan funding floating around, many school leaders are feeling uncertain… How much funding does our school get? What can I spend the funds on? How do I access the money? How can I best use these funds to best support my students and staff? In this webinar, join the Funding Doctor- Dr. Paula Love, as she walks you through unpacking the recovery funding sources to maximize your investment into supporting your students and teachers; specifically, as it relates to preparing your teachers for what’s next. In this webinar, The Funding Doctor will help you answer all of the above questions and more! Bring your own questions for a live Q&A with the Funding Doctor! You’ll also hear from Lisa Harding, President of SimpleK12, who will share how schools and districts across the country are using the Covid Recovery funding to make a dramatic impact preparing teachers for the 2021/2022 school year.

Presented by Lisa Greathouse Harding

Lisa Greathouse is the President at SimpleK12. She has more than 9 years of professional experience working with schools and districts implementing effective professional development programs focused on results. In addition, Lisa leads and moderates teacher training webinars for an international audience. Her passion is leveraging free Web tools to engage students in the classroom.


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