We are excited to announce Teachers of Today!

What Is Teachers of Today?

Teachers of Today is a subscription package designed to help you build your personalized teacher toolkit for our Teachers. We are so proud of how hard teachers work in the classroom! To show our support, we’ve created a place for you to curate a collection of teacher tools – your personal teacher toolkit.

Teachers of Today's Mission

Our mission is to help teachers succeed in the classroom – today, tomorrow, and forever – by procuring a limitless supply of robust and versatile tools.

Our Teachers of Today subscription is designed for you – the busy, dedicated teacher. We’ve been working diligently over the past year with a team of skilled educational experts, curriculum developers, and instructional coordinators to grow a portfolio of high-quality tools.

How Does the Subscription Work?

Teachers of Today subscription is a one-time annual purchase that grants you access to our tools. Once you’ve subscribed, you can even send us suggestions of new tools you’d like us to create! Our Toolkit Creator team releases new tools each month, so you can forever expand your teacher toolkit.

What Will I Find at Teachers of Today?

Browse from hundreds of different PreK-12 resources! You'll find quizzes, lesson plans, guides, worksheets, videos on-demand, extended learning, and more. To help fuel your search, we've created four main groups of tools: Digital Downloads, Live & On-Demand Webinars, Extended Learning for Educators, and Career Services. We believe that helping students succeed begins with helping teachers succeed. Teachers of Today will help provide you with a versatile set of quality tools to triumph in the classroom.

What Are Teachers Saying?

We wanted to make sure our Teacher Toolkit subscription was teacher-tested and approved before sharing it with you! We asked teachers who were given early access to describe their toolkit in three words. Here's what they said:

Easy. Fun. Time-Saver.

How Will This Help Me?

  • Maintain Student Engagement
  • International Availability           
  • Accredited Curriculum          
  • Improve Student Outcomes            
  • Personalize your Toolkit        
  • District Preferred           
  • Easy Solutions            
  • Save Time            
  • Extended Learning 
  • Improve Digital Literacy                      

Ready to Join Thousands of Happy Teachers?

For a limited time, Simplke12 is offering our Teacher Toolkit Subscription for only $59.00 $99Are you ready to join thousands of teachers who have discovered how to save time planning with easy classroom solutions? Get started today and unlock your Teacher Toolkit Subscription with a low, one-time annual purchase to gain access for a year to a growing database of premium teacher resources.

Your Toolkit Is Waiting for You