Creating Powerful Visuals for Your Classroom

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Inspire students with powerful visuals in your classroom.

As educators, we always need creative ways to display information. Tools such as make it easier than ever to convey information to students in an interesting way.

Create powerful visuals with

Creating Powerful Visuals for Your Classroom

What is is a free infographic creation tool that allows you or your students to create powerful visuals. Turn any amount of factual information into an engaging graphic in just a couple of minutes. The best part is you don't need to be a tech guru to create your own engaging graphics with this tool, as it's much easier than you might think!

First, gather the data you want to display. Infographics are simpler to create when using hard data. For example, if you wanted to make an infographic showing the importance of graduating from high school, you might gather statistics about student drop out rates to compare to statistics on career paths and wages.

Once you have your data, select from any number of templates provided by This is one of the best parts about the tool — it  gives you the template to base everything off of, so 80 percent of the work is already done for you.

Finally, plug in your numbers and switch out graphics as needed. Before you know it, your first infographic is complete!

After you're comfortable with the tool, why not let students give it a try? A custom infographic spices up any student project.

Use infographics in your classroom to:

  • display classroom rules or expectations
  • enhance student projects
  • showcase research findings
  • promote a school function
  • map out an historical event

How can you see using in your classroom? Tell me about your favorite infographic use in a comment below.

Kimber Thompson is a Lead Moderator for SimpleK12 webinars and a Contributing Editor for She writes frequently about education topics, and is passionate about tools and techniques that inspire young learners. You may reach her with ideas and comments at

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