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Workshop Description: 

Are you a teacher searching for effective ways to support students with fine motor, auditory, and visual needs in the digital age? Embracing technology as a tool for inclusivity can enhance teacher well-being and witnessing the progress and growth of all your students is incredibly rewarding. Join Melissa Mann for this hands-on, interactive workshop as she guides you through the world of assistive technology and its potential to transform learning experiences for students with diverse needs. Get ready to harness the power of technology to create inclusive and engaging learning experiences in your classroom! Melissa’s expertise in accessibility and her passion for empowering educators will inspire you to create an enriching learning environment that meets the unique needs of each individual student. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Dive into a comprehensive toolbox of assistive technology tools designed to support students with fine motor, auditory, and visual needs, including apps, software, and devices that enhance accessibility. 
  2. Explore strategies for tailoring learning experiences to meet individual students' needs. Learn how to adapt and personalize technology tools to optimize engagement and learning outcomes. 
  3. Discover ways to foster collaboration among students with diverse needs. Melissa will share techniques for creating inclusive group activities and projects that promote peer support and learning. 
  4. Learn how to use technology tools to assess student progress and track their growth effectively. Discover how data-driven insights can inform your teaching strategies. 

Special Technology Instructions: 

Attendees will need access to an internet-enabled device and a personal Google account (not affiliated with their school). SimpleK12’s Google Classroom will be utilized for the interactive and hands-on components of this workshop.


Participants will complete an exit ticket to demonstrate their understanding of the workshop objectives and reflect on their learning.  

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