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Session Description:
Gifted and talented students have unique learning needs that differ from most children of the same age, which calls for teachers to use specific differentiation techniques in the classroom. Join Reba Gordon Matthews as she discusses the typical characteristics of gifted and talented students and explains why simply increasing the challenge and variety of classroom lessons and activities may not be enough. You will also walk away with a sampling of resources that will spark your gifted & talented students’ curiosity and inspire their learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify typical characteristics that gifted and talented students exhibit.
  • Distinguish the difference between a high achieving student and a gifted & talented learner.
  • Explain the “Scamper” teaching method developed by Robert Eberle.
  • Select from a variety of sample activities that will spark the curiosity of gifted & talented students and inspire their learning.

Assessment: Participants will join a collaborative backchannel chat and discuss ideas for meeting the needs of gifted & talented students to demonstrate their understanding of the session objectives and reflect on their learning.

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