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Over the years, we're asked over and over again about the tools that we use at SimpleK12 and InfoSource, Inc. to run our businesses.  We thought it was time to share. Much of what we use to run our websites and product development efforts are homegrown; others are off the shelf and available to anyone  We will only share resources that we have used and can vouch for. However, before you use any of our recommended resources, I want to disclose to you that, in some cases, we will receive a commission if you click on an affiliate link that leads to a purchase.  You will never pay any more than you would otherwise, and you are helping to underwrite all of the free information and webinars we are able to provide to teachers throughout the world.  Again, please understand:  we have experience with all of the companies that we recommend.  Still, do not spend your money on anything that will not help you achieve your goals.



Eventually, no matter what business you're running to make some extra teacher income — be it a tutoring business or a network marketing operation for health and beauty aids, or something in between — you're going to need a website!

So you'll need a place to host your first website.

Indeed, you have a lot of choices when it comes to website or blog hosting, but my hosting site of choice is Bluehost.  Why?  Simply this: all of my personal websites, and many from SimpleK12 and InfoSource, Inc. are hosted at Bluehost because of their service, reliability, money-back guarantee… and most importantly, for us anyway, is that they offer 1-click WordPress installation.

If you're using WordPress for your website(s), and oh you really should (a topic for a different article), Bluehost just makes it EZ PZ to get your site ready.  Sign up for Bluehost, click the WordPress install button, choose a theme for your site, and BAM! — your site, at least in its basic form, is ready to go.

I highly recommend Bluehost for your websites and blogs.


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Michael Werner is an author, publisher, entrepreneur, and CEO of InfoSource, Inc, the parent company of SimpleK12.com.  Over the years, he has created and built several businesses focusing on online learning for both corporate and educational organizations. You may reach him with ideas and comments at editor@simplek12.com.

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