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That's what these Community FAQ articles are about – we're reprinting sections of SimpleK12's help desk as a reference to further support members, or inform others of useful Community tips.

Can I refer friends to the Teacher Learning Community?

Of course you can refer friends!  We have a couple different ways of helping you do this. There's a special tool you can use inside the Community to either “Refer A Friend” or “Share with Administrators.” Many school districts have already purchased a district license for their school teachers. It’s a good possibility you will be next (especially after sharing this information with your administrators).

If you find the Community helpful, you might want to tell a few friends so they can join in the fun, too. I'm sure they would thank you for letting them know about all of the great resources and training.

Click “Refer A Friend”, enter their email address, and then click “Send Referral”. We'll take care of the rest.

Log in at SimpleK12

  1.  Click Refer A Friend
  2.  Click “Refer A Friend” or “Share with Administrators”
  3.  Enter (their) Email Address
  4.  Click Send Referral

Can I Refer Friends to the Teacher Learning Community? Can I Refer Friends to the Teacher Learning Community? Can I Refer Friends to the Teacher Learning Community?


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