Free Webinar: Google Presentations and Spreadsheets

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google presentationsWith Google Presentations and Spreadsheets, student collaboration is easy.

Getting students to collaborate on a project usually presents a number of challenges — often they can't get together outside of class, it's difficult for them to share documents, or one student ends up doing most of the work on his or her computer.

In this webinar, we will show you examples of how you can use Google Presentations and Google Spreadsheets to make collaboration easier.

Learn how to gather data from students quickly as well as how to teach them to work in small groups on one presentation.

Working in the cloud allows students to work from any computer, anytime of the day. This helps them easily collaborate on group or class projects — even when they can't meet at the same place or time.

These tools are also great to use among teachers for planning, sharing, and preparing materials for class.

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