What is your favorite holiday movie? With so many to choose from, you've come to the right place… where we publish our annual Holiday Trivia guide for teachers and students alike.

Many of us enjoy watching traditional year-end holiday movies and television specials.  At SimpleK12 we also enjoy exchanging trivia questions about these holiday programs with our friends, families, and Teacher Learning Community members.

Over the years we’ve compiled a list of these questions and we thought you would enjoy them too.  We encourage you to challenge your colleagues, students, and friends with these questions.

holidaytrivia_ebookcoverHere are three to get you started . . .

  • In It’s a Wonderful Life, what did George and his friends use as sleds?
  • In what state does most of White Christmas take place?
  • Who played the Grinch in the 2000 feature movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

You can find the answers to these three questions—and dozens more questions and answers—by clicking the following:  //simplek12com.wpengine.com/just-for-fun/holiday-trivia/

We hope you enjoy the questions we have assembled.

Have a great holiday season.