Advance Your Teaching Career with Student Travel

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student travelStudent travel offers countless benefits for your students, but did you know it has benefits for your career as well?

Whether you want to ask for a raise, enter into a higher position within your school district or simply introduce new and innovative elements into your curriculum, here are five ways planning a student tour can help you enhance your career.

5 ways you can advance your teaching career with student travel:

  1. Build Relationships with Decision-Makers
    Many student tours involve presenting the tour to your school board or other decision-makers within your organization. This is a great way show these influential individuals what you’re made of; in addition to showcasing organizational skills, you can demonstrate that you go the extra mile when it comes to your students’ education. This will help them identify you as a stand-out teacher in other situations.
  2. Meet Passionate Peers
    Part of Brightspark Travel’s loyalty program includes preview trips, dinners and parties for our traveling teachers. This is your opportunity to connect with other educators who are dedicated enough to inspire their students with travel. Sharing ideas and developing a network with teachers throughout the country will help you add innovative elements to your curriculum.
  3. Enhance Your Work Achievements
    Many advancement opportunities require you to present a list of achievements, and your role as a student travel group leader is sure to give your credentials a competitive edge. In addition to demonstrating qualities such as dedication and organization, if you’ve traveled year after year you will be able to show how your travel opportunities affected students’ success.
  4. An Extra-mural that makes a BIG impact
    Running extra-mural activities is a huge part of advancing your career, but not all extra-murals are created equal. From encouraging independent learning to promoting independence, student tours makes a big impact on students. Read more here. Teachers get rated on extra-mural activities, that make a big impact on students.
  5. Never Stop Learning
    Some educators who have been teaching the same curriculum year after year forget that there’s more to learn than what they already know. We all know this isn’t true, but adding out-of-the-box learning experiences like student travel into your school year is a sure way to stop you from falling into this rut.


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