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Our Big Beautiful Brains tops this week's most watched videos in SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community.

Naomi HarmOur Big Beautiful Brains is where it was at last week in video watching  for teacher professional development. While there are dozens of options for professional development and ways to help teachers learn, SimpleK12's  Teacher Learning Community (TLC), with its over 650,000 teacher members, provides an excellent cross-section of teachers.  Therefore, I put some weight behind whatever is most popular inside this Community.

Here are the Top 10 most popular online videos for teachers reviewed inside the Community within the past 7 days.  (If you are a full member of the TLC, make sure to sign in so there's no charge to watch the video or to receive your professional development CEU credits.)

Top 10 Online Videos for Teachers (7 days through 18 January 2016):

Video Name

Here's a little more about our top video:

Did you know that current research indicates that our brains – both students' and adults' – are changing? Have you heard that the brain works best when the temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees? And did you know that the color palettes of yellows and pinks can improve memory, while greens and blues can help students relax and support increased concentration? In this video, join Naomi Harm for this brain-based teaching and learning session, as she provides a roadmap of how you can infuse brain-based teaching practices throughout your school's environment. She will share how to optimize physical learning spaces and experiences so that each and every child can discover their student-driven passion and personalized learning potential.

Are there some other Teacher Learning Community videos you've seen that others should know about?  Or, how about other sites you'd like to recommend for other online videos for teachers?

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