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“I love Simplek12! It has impacted my teaching in so many ways! I feel that the numerous topics, thorough presentations and webinars filled with ideas have helped me become a better teacher! I am using an idea I got yesterday with my students tomorrow. I love the fact that I can participate in the webinars anywhere! My favorite spot to take part in the webinars is on the beach! I hope to one day earn my blue bunny slippers, but even if I don't, I'll keep singing the praises of SimpleK12 and keep sending my teacher friends to the website!”
– Jeannie Ferguson

“During the past few years, I have worked smarter with the implementation of ideas gained from my participation in SimpleK12. My thirst to learn more, better, and different ways to be an asset to education has grown. My students have become published poets in a national poetry digest. Thank you so much to SimpleK12 as well as my school district.”
– Collette Davis

“I am a retired teacher getting re-certification by trying to get updated in technology! Technological advances are wonderful to enhance the teaching profession! Thank you!”
– Debra Fesmire

“Great information especially for administrators or teachers always looking to be prepared for anything.”
– David Hill

“I'm always interested in finding new ways to keep student attention. Usually the technology is the answer! Thanks for sharing!”
– Lindsey Murray

“I'm starting my first year of teaching very soon and this webinar was so practical and helpful! I feel more confident now, heading into my first day. Thank you!”
– Patty Lin

“Always learn something new that I forgot about or did not know. I am new to Simplek12, and really feel it is worth the money because of all the excellent webinars that I get to use and learn from to enhance my own learning even as a veteran teacher of 40 years. Technology is one area I always want to learn more about and there are so many new tools and ways to use them in the classroom.”
– Connie Hamlin

“This is AWESOME! I've been looking for something like this to help do turn around training for non-tech savvy teachers. Thank you!”
– Deb Gerber