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Make a Difference with an Education for Good

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Make a Difference with an Education for Good

Becoming an Educator of Educators®

In 1970, Bernie and Rita Turner—both teachers—founded Walden with a shared vision of building a learning environment where knowledge could be applied to address critical societal challenges. Their goal of empowering students to make a difference—by confronting challenges where they live, in their professions, and on a global scale—continues to be a beacon for Walden’s faculty, students, and alumni. For more than 50 years, Walden has used educational innovation to empower the greater good. We invite you to join us as we expand Education for Good around the world.

Walden’s Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership comprises a community of more than 65,000 education students and alumni, including more than 180 state teachers of the year. With our focus on empowering educators since day one, we consider ourselves the Educator of Educators®. Having contributed more than $10.6 million in educator scholarships since 2008, Walden has significantly and positively impacted the teaching profession and the communities we serve.

The Riley College of Education and Leadership has state-of-the-art programs designed to help educators deepen their impact as agents of positive social change. Teachers can advance their credentials and knowledge while gaining practical skills to empower their students, whether in a face-to-face, hybrid, or online classroom environment. By learning to utilize evidence-based applications, they can help solve today’s critical educational challenges, from engaging families and creating inclusive learning environments to harnessing evolving technologies.

MS in Education graduate Syuen Walker has benefited from the technological aspect in particular. She shared, “Ever since the completion of my degree, I have become the go-to person at work about technology integration in education.”

Walden’s MS in Education program has 15 specializations to choose from to meet the needs and interests of future education leaders, while the MS in Instructional Design and Technology program focuses on using technology and design to create engaging, content-rich, and multimedia instruction. With a master’s in education, graduates can build on their teaching skills, develop a specialty, transition into administration, or pivot toward the corporate or nonprofit sector.

For those ready to dive deeper into their career, our Education Specialist (EdS), Doctor of Education (EdD), and PhD in Education programs can help future leaders accomplish outstanding achievements in education, positively impacting local communities and beyond. In fact, when asked about his experience at Walden, EdD graduate and former state teacher of the year Derek Olson said, “Walden has impacted me as a practitioner, a researcher, and a policy change-maker.”

Each post-master’s program offers educators opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge. An EdD program focuses on developing specialized skills and can also pave the way to doctoral studies. A PhD in Education focuses on theories and research about how people learn. With its emphasis on scholarly pursuits, a PhD program prepares educators to make contributions to the field and advance the practice of education. An EdD, on the other hand, focuses on how to best put those theories into practice, giving educators the opportunity to make local, positive changes daily. With skills ranging from enhanced knowledge of in-classroom learning techniques to policy writing and research, EdD graduates have the expertise and training to make a difference within the profession. With an EdD or PhD, educators can pursue careers in higher education, administration, policy, research, and so much more.

50 Years of Shaping Social Change Agents

As the Educator of Educators®, Walden is a pioneer in providing online education degree programs that help educators like you rediscover their purpose and positively impact the classroom and the community.

At The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, every course and degree program offered is designed to prepare you for the challenges—and opportunities—of today’s dynamic learning environment. Walden understands that student success depends on a diverse and respected faculty, quality programs, and an outstanding support system. 

“Walden never stopped showing support and dedication to my learning,” said MS in Education and MS in Psychology graduate Lia Williams. “Many universities say one thing to get potential students and then do something different. But Walden supported my success all the way through two degrees.”

Regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1990 and having received several specialized accreditations from organizations including the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), Walden University has demonstrated that we live our mission, operate with integrity, and offer programs that focus on student learning and success.

To learn more about Walden University tuition reduction benefits available to Teachers of Tomorrow and Simple K12, visit www.WaldenU.edu/TeachersofTomorrow.

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