Engage with Storyboards and Comics

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Engage with Storyboards and Comics


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Getting students engaged is never an easy task. Students can create storyboards and comics to reinforce topics in the curriculum and have fun at the same time. Students learn to communicate, illustrate their creativity, develop critical thinking, and present their work. Students become so engaged that they ask to continue working on their storyboards after the class time is over.

Creating storyboards or comics in classrooms has helped students for years. Many students can create hand-drawn pictures that show their understanding. Other students who might not be as artistically inclined, can feel their drawings do not show their knowledge. Using an online application allows all students to be on a level playing field. Students choose customizable scenes, characters, and props to show their creativity and understanding of the topic they are studying. Students can also use the creator to plan a project, video, or story.

Teachers use digital storytelling in almost all subjects to help students understand new concepts. Students can use digital storytelling to show a process, understand vocabulary, make PSAs, create a timeline, and develop other materials. Students use storytelling across disciplines with ELA, history, social studies, science, world languages, math, and just about any other subject. Students can easily download their creations and print them to show off their work, or add images to documents and webpages.

Diversified Learning in Blended Classrooms
It is also very easy to create diversified learning in today’s blended classrooms. Assignments can be created for a class or individually. Sometimes a full plot diagram may be overwhelming to a student who has attention issues or gets overwhelmed easily. One tool, Storyboard That, makes students of all levels use critical thinking without the anxiety some classroom activities bring. A teacher in Boston told us how impressed she was by one of her student's work. This student was having a hard time with reading and communicating her understanding of “The Interlopers.” She had the student create a storyboard and was so impressed by the amount of detail and real understanding of the story the student displayed by using a storyboard.

Special Education
Apps and tools such as Storyboard That are also great for special education in school and at home. Teachers can create visual boards that can be printed, adjusted, and redesigned as the student’s needs change. These types of programs usually allow both teachers and students to create storyboards. Parents can even create social stories, PECs boards, First Then Boards, and other types of materials.


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Not sure where to start?
Local teachers have created over 400 teacher guides and lesson plans for you to use. We have made example storyboards that you can copy into your account. You can use the storyboard as it is or make it your own! You can check them out here.

Need more help? Let’s jump on a demo. We can do a free virtual demo where we answer your questions, show you best practices with the storyboard creator, and show you how to navigate the site. You can also reach out to us with any questions at hello@storyboardthat.com.


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