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Some of Our Most Popular Google Courses

Google Classroom can save teachers time, improve classroom management, and reduce headaches… but only for teachers who fully understand the power of this ingenious virtual classroom. Getting started with Google Classroom is easy with these step-by-step webinars. This course will leave you feeling confident. 

This Course Includes the Following Webinars: 

  • Google Classroom: Setting Up, Organizing, Archiving, and More! 
  • Google Classroom: Handling Assignments, Student Workflow, Communications, and More! 
  • 10 Hacks for Using Google Classroom 
  • Strategies & Tips for Student Collaboration in Google Classroom 
  • Work Smarter, NOT Harder with Google Classroom
  • Best Practices: Using GC Professionally & Intentionally 
  • Introducing Managing Google Classroom  

Now it's time to explore the true power of Google! G Suite applications run in your Google Classroom - or just on their own. From Docs, and Spreadsheets to Forms and Slides. After taking this intro level course, you will feel like a Google Pro. 

This Course Includes the Following Webinars:  

  • Google Docs: An Intro to Creating, Formatting, Sharing & More
  • Google Sheets: An Intro to Working with Data, Using Preset Formulas, and More
  • Google Forms: An Intro to Adding Questions, Applying Themes, Sharing, and More 
  • Google Slides: An Intro to Creating, Formatting, and Designing Slides 
  • Google Drawings: An Intro to Creating, Adding Shapes, Layering, and More
  • 10 Ways Google Forms Can Change Your Classroom 
  • Creating Self-Checking Quizzes with Google Forms & Spreadsheets
  • Plus... 8 more! 

Using Google Chromebooks? Whether you're 1:1 or a single-device classroom, this course will give you everything you need to make the most of your devices. Go beyond the basics and learn projects, group activities, and more! 

This Course Includes the Following Webinars: 

  • Chromebooks 101: An Intro to Using Chromebooks in the Classroom
  • Top 10 Tips for Using Chromebooks in the Classroom 
  • Managing the Apps, Books, and Extensions on School-issued Chromebooks 
  • Managing the Cheating Issue
  • Transforming Your Instructional Approach with a 1:1 Chromebook Environment 
  • Formative Assessment with Chromebooks: Tools to Check for Understanding 
  • Help Students Take Ownership: Projects with Chromebooks
  • Plus... 5 more! 

Once you've learned the basics of Google Classroom, let's go deeper in depth with instructional strategies and practical applications. This two-course series covers so much! 

This Course Includes the Following Webinars: 

  • Personalizing Student Learning with Google Classroom
  • 10 Time-Saving Tips for Google Classroom
  • Formative Assessment Tools and Strategies for Google Classroom 
  • Use Experiments with Google to Spark Discussions and More in Google Classroom 
  • 7 Tools That Make Google Classroom Even Better 
  • Google Classroom: Project Ideas and Classroom Suggestions for using Google Docs
  • Google Classroom: Engage and Motivate Students with Hyperdocs
  • Plus... 8 More! 

Let's talk about the students - and all that Google has to offer to help your students learn. In the course, we take a look at using Google Tools to increase student engagement and power up your classroom. 

This Course Includes the Following Webinars: 

  • 10 Ways Google Can Increase Student Engagement 
  • Virtual Explorations and Field Trips with Google Tools 
  • Easy Student Collaboration with Google  
  • Creative Collaborative Projects with Google Slides 
  • Save Time and Simplify your Grading 
  • Google Apps and Extensions for Early Elementary 
  • Google's Hidden Tools: Uncover a World of Possibilities. 
  • More than Spreadsheets: Creative and Practical Ways to Use Google Sheets in your Classroom
  • Plus... 6 more! 

Get your secondary students excited and interested in STEM-related subjects and learning. Discover engaging strategies, Web tools, apps, and resources for the secondary classrooms. 

This Course Includes the Following Webinars: 

  • 7 Steps to Better Educate Innovative Engineers and Designers
  • Eww! That's Gross! Science Apps for Middle and HS Students
  • Maximize and Multiply Math Skills with Websites, Web Tools, & Apps
  • Integrating Web 2.0 To Teach Math Standards 
  • Integrating Mathematical Practices Using Blogging
  • Taking a Look at High School Mathematics Standards
  • Rejuvenate Your Geometry Classroom 
  • Focus and Coherence in Geometric Thinking with the Mathematical Practices 
  • Mobile Apps for Middle and HS Math Intervention and Acceleration
  • Connect, Create, & Collaborate with Science Websites, Tools & Apps
  • Creating Review Games for Your Science Class
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Girls as STEM Scholars 

And Many, Many More Waiting for you....

"I've been using Google Classroom, but I feel the tips in this webinar will help me be more strategic!" - Eva C. 

"I thought I new a lot about Google Sheets... but you are really a Sheets Nerd! I loved this presentation as it gave me even more ways to use GS with my students!" - Kelley B. 

"Wow!!! Thanks for all of the Google tips. I can't wait to try some of them out. Love, love love! " - Jackie M. 

"Great Webinar! I love the idea of incorporating technology into lessons and also having students create engaging presentations for their classmates as well. THANK YOU!" - Tamara C. 

"I always enjoy listening. Step-by-Step instructions for the introduced techniques to use with Google! Very easy to follow." - Denise K.

"This was a great first webinar to watch! I needed a great introduction to things that could be done with Google Docs, and this was GREAT!! Thank you." - Elizabeth U. 

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"Thank you for sharing so many dynamic and engaging ways to use Google Slides. I had no idea there were so many possibilities." - Leslie G. 

"Great webinar! This will help with going paperless and being more collaborative in the classroom." - Madeline R. 

"This webinar is full of incredible ideas to use in my classroom. Thanks SO much!" - Darren P.  

"I love all things Google. I learned a lot despite this being my 20th Google webinar! " - Jamie H. 

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Meet Some of Our World-Class Presenters 

Shelly Terrell 

  • Co-founder of the #Edchat movement, Reform Symposium Global E-Conference, and The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators 
  • Recognized by the ELTon Awards, The New York Times, and Microsoft’s Heroes for Education, she has trained or taught in over 100 countries 
  • Author of Learning to Go, Byte-sized Potential, and The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators

Kim Munoz 

  • A Google Certified Trainer, Instructional Technologist, and former middle school technology teacher 
  • Served as a TAP Mentor Teacher and as a member of Bryan ISD Support Team 
  • 16+ Years of Teaching Experience

Jerry Swiatek 

  • Google Certified Innovator, Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer, and Google Apps Certified Administrator 
  • Founder and organizer of EdCamp Citrus 
  • With 12+ years in education, he leads the Academy of Computer Sciences at his high school

Tia Simmons 

  • Apple certified teacher, SMART certified teacher, DEN Educator and Online Course Facilitator for the Maryland State Department of Education 
  • Technology Trainer for Prince George’s County Public Schools 
  • 15+ Years in Education, including as a teacher, mentor, and new teacher trainer

Nikki Robertson 

  • Veteran Educator, Instructional Technology Facilitator, and Librarian 
  • Co-founder of EdCamp Atlanta and co moderator of the #TLChat LIVE! Twitter Sessions 
  • Recipient of a Bammy Award nomination, the ASLA Ann Marie Pipkin Technology Award, and the AASL Bound to Stay Bound Grant

Jayme Linton 

  • Assistant Professor of Education, who developed and coordinates Lenoir-Rhyne’s graduate program in online teaching and instructional design 
  • Co-founder of the #NCed and #edteach Twitter chats and of EdcampWNC 
  • Recognized by the National School Board Association as one of the "20 to Watch" for 2012-13 and selected by NCTIES for ISTE's Making IT Happen Award in 2013.

Naomi Harm 

  •  K12 Dell Education Strategist, National Intel Senior Trainer, and ISTE Faculty Instructional Coach 
  • Google Certified Innovator with 20+ years in the education space 
  • An international Keynote speaker with a focus on mobile learning, literacy, classroom redesigns, instructional strategies, and brain-based teaching 

Catlin Tucker 

  • Google Certified Teacher, international trainer, frequent Edtech speaker, and high school teacher 
  • Bestselling author of several education-related books, an internationally ranked education blog, and the “Techy Teacher” column for Educational Leadership 
  • Named Teacher of the Year in Sonoma County in 2010

"SimpleK12 makes this seem so easy - thanks for helping us who are still afraid of technology!"

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SimpleK12 is the best PD option there is! - Sandy Brand, Librarian at Liberty Middle School

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I feel very connected on SimpleK12, love the forums and all the resources and the live webinars. I feel that I am pretty techie, but I am ALWAYS learning something when I watch a webinar. - Brenda Hauff, Technology Director at Wichita Unified School District 259 

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You can't go to a technology seminar for less money than one year's worth of fees and get as much training (at your own pace) as here with SimpleK12. They are inviting and ready to listen. They will work with you when you don't understand and treat you like family. - Mary Massey, Science Teacher at Forestbrook Middle School

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These presenters are wonderful and each video is loaded with helpful advice, links, tools, suggestions, and these are truly things and advice that I can use in the classroom. - Karen Griffey, Special Education Teacher at Otwell Middle School

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I have learned so much from SimpleK12. I use it almost daily. My technology skills have improved greatly and I continue to get excited by all the new material that is constantly put on this site. - Maryann Hanley-Pereira, Science Teacher at Milford High School