How to Help Struggling Math Students with Dysgraphia

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Even the Playing Field for Students with Dysgraphia

Do you have students who struggle with Dysgraphia? Dysgraphia is the inability for some students to read or understand their own handwriting in math problems. In this 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solver, SimpleK12’s Teacher Learning Community presenter, Kim Munoz, shares a classroom tool that can help your struggling math students.

Modmath is an iPad app that allows students to easily type out and solve their math problems via touchscreen, so handwriting is out of the equation. That means that students can focus on learning how to solve the problem rather than getting caught up on their handwriting.

Each document is set up on a virtual piece of graph paper. The square you start in is highlighted and automatically moves across as you type, so Dysgraphiaall equations are organized and lined up properly. These equations can be typed in different forms as ModMath provides a sophisticated math keyboard. Students can zoom in to focus on a specific problem and zoom out to view their entire document. They can keep multiple pages of problems for one assignment, all of which are accessible on the left side of the screen. Students also have the option of changing the color swatch of the document in case one is easier for them to read than another.

When finished, students can click on an icon on the left side of the screen to easily print, email, or export their homework and math practices to their teacher. This feature makes it easy to collect in-class work from these students and gauge where they are in the learning process. ModMath speaks to struggling math students’ needs by eliminating the handwriting factor. Eliminating this hurdle evens the playing field for students with Dysgraphia to master basic math skills to complex equations.

About Our How to Help Struggling Math Students with Dysgraphia Presenter
Kim Munoz is an Instructional Technologist for Franklin ISD and a former Bryan ISD middle school technology teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience. She has conducted well over 50 unique training sessions for SimpleK12, click here to look at more videos from Kim.


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