Decodable Prompts

Tapping Into the Power of Decodables

Enjoy these decodable prompts from Keri Brown that you can use in your classroom! These Decodable Prompts will help you boost your students' reading confidence and enhance reading fluency.

Mini Gratitude Journal

Mini Gratitude Journal

Unlock the power of gratitude and self-reflection as you make each day more meaningful with this mini Gratitude Journal from SimpleK12, thoughtfully designed to help you cultivate a positive mindset and embrace the beauty of life's little moments.

Partnering with Parents Planning Template

Partnering with Parents Planning Template

The “Partnering with Parents Planning Template” is a valuable resource that helps educators build effective partnerships with parents and caregivers. Discover innovative practices that energize parent participation and create fantastic opportunities for involvement.

Virtual Field Trip Planning Tempalte

Summer Learning Planning Tool

Elevate your professional growth during the summer months with the Summer Learning Planning Tool. Tailored specifically for teachers, this invaluable resource is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your instructional practices.

Virtual Field Trip Planning Tempalte

Virtual Field Trip Planning Template

This planning template helps educators curate resources for a virtual field trip, including tools like Google Maps, virtual tours, and YouTube. It prompts planning of pre, during, and post-activities, considering the 4Cs, manipulatives, and artifacts.

Learning by Doing Teacher Professional Development

7 Tips for Working with Multilingual Learners

Today’s classrooms are increasing in diversity and require teachers to understand how to
become more culturally responsive. The following guide will provide you with seven tips and strategies for working with multilingual learners.

Learning by Doing Teacher Professional Development

Math Discussion Prompts

When we encourage our students to think critically and have more meaningful, rich discourse with classmates, we highlight their true understanding of mathematics and additionally help uncover any misconceptions they may have developed around mathematic concepts.

9 Nonfiction Reading Discussion Questions for Students

Nonfiction Reading Discussion Questions

As educators, we know that encouraging our students to read nonfiction text has many powerful benefits. We've put together a short, one pager that provides students with 9 Nonfiction Reading Discussion Questions for an approachable way to help nurture reading comprehension strategies.


CER STEM Posters

CER STEM Posters for Students

CER, or the claim, evidence, and reasoning framework, is a scaffolded way to engage students to think critically and promote reasoning and deduction skills.  With a focus on STEM, we've put together two CER posters, one for science and one for math, that can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom.


End of the Year Reflections

End of Year Reflection

The end of the school year is almost here! What will your students remember from this year? How have they grown? What highlights, insights and learning experiences have helped prepare them for their next school year? Help your students reflect on all their educational experiences with these End of Year Reflections and see what you discover!

End of the Year Reflections

6 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself as a New Teacher

The beginning of the school year is critical to the success of your classroom. The 6 questions outlined in this downloadable are essential in helping you to establish your goals, manage your expectations, and track your progress as an educator.

Tic Tac Toe

Demonstrate your mastery of each standard with this Tic Tac Toe choice board!

Ensure your students have access to the tools and resources they need to attain a particular skill with a standards-aligned curriculum.

Complete 1 task in each Tic Tac Toe Choice Board column to demonstrate mastery of each standard.

Tic Tac Toe

Create Universal Lesson Plans with a POP

Predict. Overcome. Plan. That's how you can create your Universal Design Learning lessons with a POP!

  • Predict high-probability challenges
  • Overcome these challenges with flexible options
  • Plan to assess your students, provide flexibility, and structure your lesson

Tic Tac Toe

Get Your Students Learning and Growing with these 5 Core SEL Competencies

Enjoy this quick-start guide with links to free lessons and activities that will help PreK-12 students develop skills in each of the five core SEL competencies

  • Activities to help students develop self-awareness
  • Strategies to effectively manage stress, motivate yourself, and set goals
  • And more!
Tic Tac Toe

Four Course Menu Choice Board Template

Menu choice boards facilitate student driven, project-based individual and collaborative learning experiences!
Appetizers allow students to engage with a topic.
Soup and salads prepare students for the main course.
Entrees demonstrate students' understanding.
Dessert provides students with different options to reflect through different mediums.

Tic Tac Toe

Personalized Learning Paths Planning Template

Are you looking for a way to personalize learning for your students, whether they're in the classroom or learning from home?
Look no further than our Personalized Learning Paths Planning Template.

This blended learning template is designed to help you create a customized learning plan for each of your students, taking into account their individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

June Monthly Unlocked

15 Free Mobile Apps that Take Social Studies into the Future

Jenna will cover effective uses for the apps and creative ways to incorporate them in the classroom, explaining how to use them to improve student performance and understanding of concepts so that students become creators of knowledge, not just consumers. Apps for all grade levels will be included in this whirlwind overview.

June Monthly Unlocked

Pixel Art with Google Sheets – A Fun Classroom Application

Are you looking for a fun, innovative activity that infuses technology into your curriculum? Join Lauren Boucher as she shares, step-by-step, how to create Pixel Art with Google Sheets for any grade level or subject area. You will also walk away with templates and application ideas to get your students excited about learning with this easy-to-implement, visual learning strategy.

June Monthly Unlocked

Challenging Students Can Be Champions! (Part 1)

Regardless of age, students’ social and emotional needs must be considered in order to effectively address behavioral issues in the classroom. Join Reba Gordon-Matthews as she shares how you can take your students from contenders to champions! You will also walk away with strategies for working with students who disrupt the learning process as well as tips and tricks for encouraging positive behavior.

September Monthly Unlocked

Creative Ways to Communicate with Parents

Do you ever wish that there were easier and less time-consuming ways to communicate with parents so that they could be more informed and involved? Communication can be a huge challenge for both parents and teachers in the fast-paced society in which we live. What resources can teachers use to help bridge the communication gap between home and school? Join Matt Bergman as he shares several free tools teachers can use to creatively communicate with and engage busy parents. You will also walk away with strategies for providing equitable communication through a variety of channels that best fits parents’ needs.

September Monthly Unlocked

The Differentiation Toolbox:
Helping ALL Students Work Towards Mastery of the Content Standards

Individual learning styles are as unique as fingerprints, and chances are the students in your classroom do not grasp the content being taught the same way or share the same level of ability. Join Melissa Mann as she shares strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners and help ALL students work towards mastery of the content standards. You will also learn how to design lessons that will guide each of your students toward the same learning objectives while meeting their individual interests, needs, and strengths.

November Monthly Unlocked

Supporting English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom

If you are a general education teacher looking for effective ways to support your English Language Learners, you are not alone!

Join Michelle Dragalin as she shares how to make small adjustments to the teaching strategies you are already using to best meet the needs of your diverse learners.

You will also learn best practices for incorporating peer learning into your instruction that will provide opportunities for language use and practice as well as build a sense of community in your classroom.

December Monthly Unlocked

Using the Chrome Browser to the Best of its Ability

Google Chrome is a fast, efficient web browser that includes a wide library of extensions that can optimize workflow for educators.

Join Deb Norton as she shares how to use the Chrome browser and a Chromebook to its fullest potential with time saving tips and techniques.

You will also discover strategies for troubleshooting and navigation, bookmarking for optimal organization, and customizing your Google Chrome search engine. Participants will walk away feeling knowledgeable and confident in using the Chrome browser to the best of its ability!

January Monthly Unlocked

7 Tools That Make Google Classroom Even Better

Google is constantly evolving and adding new ways for teachers and students to interact with Google Workspace. But did you know that there are several applications that can link directly to Google Classroom and take your use of this learning management system to the next level? Join Matt Bergman as he shares a variety of tools that will transform how you and your students are currently using Google Classroom. You will also walk away with a collection of resources to enhance your instruction the very next day!

January Monthly Unlocked

Go Global with Virtual Field Trips

No permission slips required! With virtual field trips, you and your students can travel the world without ever leaving the classroom. Join Dr. Jayme Linton as she shares ideas and resources that you can use to plan and organize these enriching, interactive learning experiences. You will also walk away with tips and tricks for facilitating effective virtual field trips that will engage your students and appeal to a wide variety of learning styles.

January Monthly Unlocked

Life After Teacher Burnout

 Join Dr. Courtney Teague as she shares proven steps you can take to effectively cope with the symptoms of teacher burnout and get back on track! With the helpful strategies that you will learn in this session, you will be able to recover from burnout more quickly and efficiently – enabling you to carry on with the noble task of educating our future generations.

April Monthly Unlocked

The Knowledge Journey: Ways to Keep Students Learning During Breaks

Summer is right around the corner, so how in the world do we keep our students engaged in learning when they are out of the classroom? Join Shelly Terrell as she shares a multitude of easy-to-implement, low-cost ideas and resources to keep students connected to learning over breaks.

May Monthly Unlocked

Finding Balance: Self-care Techniques to Support Educators and Students Social and Emotional Well-being

 Join Naomi Louise as she shares personal and professional self-care techniques that can be used to support you and your students' social and emotional well-being.

May Monthly Unlocked

Energize Your Classroom and Empower Students on Back-to-School Night

Join Reba Gordon Matthews as she discusses strategies for turning back-to-school night into an engaging, informative evening for your families.

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