How to Draw on Your Screen

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This free tool allows you to draw on your screen — whether it be your smartphone, computer, or tablet — it's got you covered.

This simple web app turns your device into a web whiteboard. In this 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solver video, Monica Burns shows how to draw on your screen with Aww.

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How to Draw on Your ScreenOne thing I love about this tool is there is no registration or signing in required. One less username and password to remember is always a plus! Pull up the site and start drawing right away, with no delays.

There's also the option to share the board with others, if you want to turn it into a collaborative experience. When you're finished, you can download an image of your finished board, or share the image online.

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What types of tech devices do you use in your classroom? Did you find any of the above useful? Share your thoughts on a comment below.

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About Our “Draw on Your Screen” Presenter
Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Monica works with teachers to make technology integration exciting and accessible at all grade levels. She has conducted well over 40 unique training sessions for SimpleK12, click here to take a look at more videos from Monica.

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