How to Make an Interactive Picture

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This amazing tool packs a lot of content into a small space.

Take a look above and learn in under 3 minutes how to create interactive pictures with ThingLink.

How to Make an Interactive PictureSimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community expert Monica Burns explains how you can take any graphic and turn it into a multimedia project. ThingLink allows you to annotate directly on graphics, linking to text or other helpful resources. While ThingLink started out with just graphics, you can now also annotate videos and even create your own virtual reality content.

What can you add to your pictures? Almost anything! There are 70 different annotation options, so you can tag pretty much any type of content to your pictures.

Best of all, when you finish your creation, your viewers will be able to view and use them on any type of device. So no matter whether they're accessing via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, they'll be able to experience all of the material on your ThingLink.

For a more in-depth look at ThingLink, watch this 30-minute training session, Create Interactive Multimedia Graphics for Teaching and Learning. Explore the ins and outs of ThingLink. Learn how to add video, images, audio, and links to any content on the Web with the click of a button. EdTech Trainer Susan Oxnevad provides inspiring examples and easy-to-follow instructions to help you add ThingLink to your digital toolkit of resources.

What's digital media tools do you like to use for student projects? Share your favorite in a comment on this article.

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Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Monica works with teachers to make technology integration exciting and accessible at all grade levels. She has conducted well over 40 unique training sessions for SimpleK12, click here to take a look at more videos from Monica.

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