The Simple Organization App That'll Make You Feel Like a Superstar

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This simple organization app is a complete game changer.

Are you a fan of post-its? Do you have to-do lists lining your desks at home and school? Have you ever used different pen colors as a way to organize your thoughts or tasks? When you forget or lose a list, do you have a mini panic attack? This free simple organization app might just be for you!

simple organization app

Wunderlist – The simple organization app that'll make your life easier.

Enter Wunderlist, the simple way to manage all your tasks. Whether you're managing lists for work, pleasure, or a combination of the two, this is your place to get organized and make sure you have access to all of your important to-do items on the go.

Wunderlist operates in the cloud. This means as long as you have internet access, you can access all of your to-do lists via your computer, smartphone, tablet — any device that connects to the internet. There is some limited access offline as well, which is helpful for those moments when you don't have internet.

Beyond the traditional to-do lists, you can also add list collaborators. This is fantastic for group work. You can even delegate list items to others by assigning tasks, setting due dates, and adding reminders. Need to put in some supporting documentation? Wunderlist allows for that as well, giving you the option to attach important photos or documents to specific tasks.

I will admit, converting to digital lists is an adjustment at first. But once you make the leap, you'll find that you save so much time, you'll wish you started earlier. Plus, no lost lists! I can't tell you how upset I've gotten over lost notes from an idea session, or when I get to the grocery store and realize I've forgotten my list. Now I have my lists with me 24/7, whenever I need them.

Do you use any life management apps? If so, what is your favorite? Tell me about it in a comment on this article.

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