How to Make Test Reviews Easy and Fun (Mostly)

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Are you looking for a simpler way to make test reviews for your classroom?

Today's students have short attention spans, and can be hard to engage in the classroom. This free web tool allows you to make test reviews that engage students by using mobile devices to respond to quiz questions, much like a game. In this 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solver, SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community presenter Kim Munoz gives a tour of Kahoot, a tool you can use to create your own learning games. 

How to Make Test Reviews Easy and Fun

Make test reviews fun with Kahoot!

Right at first glance, there's a lot to love about Kahoot. When you go to sign-up at, the first thing you see is students excitedly shouting out near a computer, and the large print screaming, “Make Learning Awesome!” Isn't learning awesome? Yes, it is! Can students love learning, too? Yes, they can! And Kahoot can help you get students excited about learning.

Kahoot helps make learning fun by allowing you to make your own learning games. They call them games – you can call them test reviews, quizzes, or formative assessments – whatever floats your boat. You can create your own learning game in a matter of minutes, and Kahoot encourages you to include images, videos, or diagrams in your game to keep your students interested.

Once your game is created, all you need to do is invite your players (your students) to join. They can join via their mobile devices, or any device with an internet connection. One neat thing about Kahoot is the physical location of the players doesn't matter. They can join in from the same classroom, or from all over the globe. Imagine how much fun your students would have competing with students from another school, state, or country.

One of my favorite things about Kahoot is there are NO accounts required for your players. Just set your learning game up, share the info, and they can sign in using the unique code provided. It's a huge time saver!

About Our How to Make Test Reviews Easy and Fun Presenter
Kim Munoz is an Instructional Technologist for Franklin ISD and a former Bryan ISD middle school technology teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience. She has conducted well over 50 unique training sessions for SimpleK12, click here to take a look at more videos from Kim.

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