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Conquer Complicated Math Equations with the MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator

101 Days of Free Tech for Teachers, Day 51
Turn handwritten math equations into digital text with MyScript Calculator. Available in the App Store (Apple, iOS) or on Google Play, this calculator makes solving equations quick and simple. Students simply jot down any equation, basic or complex, and MyScript Calculator converts it into a digital text with the solution. Calculations are easily editable and can be shared as images for digital homework turn-in. Teachers can use this app to replace expensive and confusing graphing calculators and to help students who struggle with math. Students can also use this app at home as a quick way to check their homework.

How We Decide Which Free Tech Tools to Feature
Yup, there are thousands of apps, tools, services, websites, and other offerings — many free — designed for teachers and students. So, how do we sort through all of those to feature the ones which are most useful and interesting? Well… we start by sorting through thousands of these things… then we talk to the presenters in the SimpleK12 Teacher Learning Community and watch their videos closely… then we talk to many of the members in the Teacher Learning Community, teachers just like you who are using these apps and tools day in and day out. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and have, in that time, developed a sense for what’s good and bad. Have we missed something that we should feature here? Most certainly. So, let us know in the Comments section what we should take a look at and we’ll throw ’em into the hopper.


Carolina Fransen is the EdTech Apps and Tools Editor at She writes regularly about the use of educational technology in K-12 classrooms. If you have an app, tool, website, or service that you think we should know about, please send your information or tip to




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