TExES CORE Subjects EC-6 Exam Strategies

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The TExES Core Subjects EC-6 exam is required for anyone wanting to teach elementary school in Texas. The test must be passed by an elementary education major who wants to teach the main subject areas in a grade range from early childhood to sixth grade.

The exam covers a lot of content, since it does pertain to early childhood all the way through sixth grade. The test does cost a bit to take, so it is best to be well prepared when entering the testing center for this Core Subjects exam. You don’t want to waste your time or money having to retake this test months down the road because you did not study appropriately.

Follow the tips and strategies below to ensure a positive testing experience.

Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts are the content area subjects covered in this exam. Language Arts has the most questions on the test with 75, while the rest all being right around the 50-question mark. The entire computerized exam is a five-hour experience if you take the total time allotted.

Arrive at the testing center half an hour early just in case something goes wrong that day. Nothing is worse than paying for the exam and then not taking it. They do not offer refunds, so you only have yourself to blame if you show up tardy. Have your admissions ticket and your ID ready to go once you walk in the door. Leave your phone in your car or elsewhere outside the testing area since electronics will not be allowed. You will be photographed and fingerprinted at the testing facility, so be presentable.

Most questions on the exam are answered by clicking on the oval next to the correct response. However, this test is entirely taken on a computer, so there will be other types of questions as well. There are drag down and drop your answer in the correct box questions, and even sequencing your answers in the correct order. Technology has allowed for a testing experience that is quite different than the old days where you just filled in a bubble with your number 2 pencil.

The Language Arts section of the exam covers a wide range of material. There will be a number of questions asking about phonemic awareness and phonics-type skills since the exam is covering all of the primary grades. Be ready to answer questions about how to improve reading fluency, like sight words and repeated readings, since this will be on the test as well. Language Arts also will have problems about writing skills for emergent and proficient learners. Remember this content area has the most questions. A good way to prepare for these difficult questions is to read over this study guide in the weeks previous to the test. It is cheaper to purchase a study guide than to retake the test. For a study guide that comes with a guarantee you will pass, we recommend the 240Tutoring CORE Subjects EC-6 Study Guide.

The section on Mathematics covers math skills needed for early childhood to sixth grade. This is a wide range for an exam to envelop, but the topics all go hand in hand. Patterns and concepts are quite common questions in this content area.

There are several topics reviewed for the Science component. The structure and function of living things, weather and climate, and the solar system and universe are just a few of the areas covered on this exam. Right now you are probably thinking that a study guide will come in handy!

Study smartly for this exam and you should do well. If you don’t have a plan coming into the testing facility, then you are planning to fail. Finding out you did not pass the Content Area exam will be even more difficult to take when you recall that you spent and wasted an entire Saturday at the testing center.


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