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Premium Members: Yes; all of our training recordings are available to you as part of your Premium Membership to SimpleK12. Simply log in to your account, and navigate to Catalog. From there you can either browse or use the search bar to find the training you'd like to watch on-demand.

Basic/Free Members: We “unlock” select trainings for free each month. Please visit: to see a full listing of our free, on-demand training.

Premium Members: CEU certificates and attendance verification are available for live and on-demand trainings with your Premium Membership. Please note, that for live trainings, it may take up to 48 hours. However, on-demand CEU certificates are instant. To access your CEU certificates, please log in to your Premium Membership account and navigate to the upper right-hand corner where your profile icon is. Hover over, and select Transcript. You will find your CEUs organized for you there.

Basic/Free Members: Our verification process requires a Premium Membership. So while we are able to open up some of the Premium Member only trainings for free, CEU certificates and attendance verification is not available for Basic Members.

Premium Members: The best way to register for live training is through your membership profile. Login to your account, navigate to Webinars, and select Upcoming. Select the training you wish to attend, and click the orange Register. Make sure you are logged in. The system will recognize you so that we can easily give you credit for attending.

Basic/Free Members: Registration is available from Once you click the training you are interested in, you will be directed to an event page. You can register for the event on that page. If the registration is not processed, it could be due to high volume. We recommend checking back at another time of day if the registration page “spins” and you cannot register.

For the best experience joining a live trainig, please be sure to run a Systems Check on the computer or device you will be using to join the training. While the training will work on computers, tablets, and mobile devices – we recommend using a computer for the best experience. Click Here to run a Systems Check on your device.

Premium Members: Please make sure you are registering for the training through the Community website (see #3). When you do, your unique attendance link will show up on the training. To find your link, log in to your account, go to Webinars, click on Upcoming, find the one you registered for, click it, and you will see your link to sign in to the training. You can also use the self-service tool to look up your links: Click here for the Webinar Registration Lookup Tool.

Basic/Free Members: You can look up your registration links using our Self-Service Lookup Tool. Click here for the Webinar Registration Lookup Tool.

Thank you for your interest in SimpleK12. We offer group packages specifically designed for schools and districts. To get a quote for your school, please click here.