Improving Keyboarding Skills in the Classroom

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Do your students have the keyboarding skills necessary to excel in today's digital world?

Improving Keyboarding Skills in the Classroom

Improve keyboarding skills with NitroType.

As teachers, we know how important it is for our students to learn keyboarding. Students these days are interacting with technology earlier and earlier… I have a one-year old who could turn on my iPad before she took her first steps!

Your school likely has some software purchased to help your students learn keyboarding. Today's article isn't so much about the basics of keyboarding, but instead the importance of keeping students engaged and excited about improving their skills. I've found that sometimes it's fun to mix it up a little with a fun keyboarding game.

There are a bunch of free keyboarding skills sites out there; one of my favorites is NitroType.

NitroType is a free website that allows players to improve typing skills by competing in car races. The more accurately and quickly you type, the faster your car goes. As you complete races, players receive points they can use to upgrade their cars.

You'll find many students get pretty competitive, and their typing skills will improve as they try to beat other players. Other students are motivated by the points. Students want to earn as much as possible so they can upgrade their cars to cooler models with better accessories. Either way, this game is a lot of fun for students AND it improves keyboarding skills – it's a win-win! :)

For a few other options when it comes to learning keyboarding, check out this article, Learn Keyboarding with KidzType.

Do you have a favorite keyboarding game you like to use with students? What is it?

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