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Teachers of Tomorrow is one of the leading alternative certification programs in the country. Alternative certification programs (ACP) are pathways for individuals with bachelor's degrees (in a field other than education) to become certified teachers without completing a traditional teacher preparation program. 

ACPs are designed to attract career changers who wish to transition into teaching. The   Teachers of Tomorrow program is accelerated to help you prepare for the classroom and start teaching within weeks. 

The program consists of an internship where you teach in a real classroom to get classroom management skills and experience.

In this review, we'll examine what Teachers of Tomorrow does and whether it sets you up to be a great teacher who can connect with students.

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What is the Teachers of Tomorrow Alternative Certification Program?

Teachers of Tomorrow's certification program offers a streamlined pathway to becoming a certified teacher. The program provides comprehensive training, support, and resources to aspiring teachers to learn how students learn best.

This is what the ACP entails: 

  1. You start by enrolling in Teachers of Tomorrow's certification program through their website or by contacting their admissions office. 
  2. Depending on your state, they have specific eligibility requirements, such as holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution or minimum GPA requirements. You will undergo a review to determine your eligibility and readiness for the program.  
  3. Once accepted into the program, you'll be given access to over 300 hours of training material. This is online coursework, which you will be allowed to complete at your own pace. 
  4. Teachers of Tomorrow provide support with preparing for required exams such as content exams and pedagogy exams, meeting state certification requirements, and completing necessary paperwork.
  5. You'll have access to mentorship and coaching from experienced educators throughout the program. For example, one-on-one coaching sessions, feedback on your teaching practice, and guidance on professional development opportunities.
  6. After completing the program, you will receive job placement assistance to help you secure a teaching position. This includes access to job listings, networking events, and support with resume writing and interview preparation.

Even after you become certified and secure a teaching position, Teachers of Tomorrow continues to provide support and resources to help you succeed in your teaching career. For example, professional development opportunities, networking opportunities with other educators, and access to a community of alumni. 

States/Areas of Service 

The Teachers of Tomorrow program is available in the following ten states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

The requirements for enrollment vary slightly by the GPA requirements set by each state. For example, to enroll in Nevada, you need a bachelor's degree and a GPA of 2.5+, whereas in North Carolina, you need an overall  GPA of 2.7+.   

What You Get When You Enroll in the Program 

The Teachers of Tomorrow program is designed for career changers and those who have many commitments and still want to pursue a teaching career. This is what candidates can expect from the program:

  • Access to a well-structured and comprehensive educator preparation curriculum to impart essential teaching skills, pedagogy, and classroom management techniques.
  • Guidance and support from experienced mentors and coaches throughout the program.
  • Flexible program structure to accommodate individuals with diverse schedules or work commitments.
  • Options for accelerated paths to certification allowing for a faster transition into the classroom.
  • Real-world classroom exposure to build confidence and readiness for the teaching profession.
  • Support in preparing for required exams to meet certification standards.
  • Potential for program fee coverage through district partnerships and scholarships
  • Opportunities for networking, professional development, and exposure to district-specific resources.
  • Ongoing career support services, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.
  • Inclusion in an alum community of educators, providing networking opportunities and exchanging ideas. 

Costs and Subscription Tiers

The cost and subscription tiers for the Teachers of Tomorrow programs vary for each site. For example, the table below shows the Approximate pricing for the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow alternative certification program.

Application fee $0
Enrollment fee $115 per month for three months or a one-time payment of $299
Balance $4,700 payable in monthly installments paid once you start earning
Total Program Cost $4,999

Pros and Cons of the Teachers of Tomorrow Alternative Certification Program

Even though a program is well-designed and serves its purpose well, it may have some downsides. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Teachers of Tomorrow program. 


  • Free to apply
  • Flexible, allowing you to work as you learn
  • Self-paced and can take as little as three months to start teaching
  • Research-based curriculum designed to impart essential pedagogy and classroom management skills
  • Assistance with certification exam preparation
  • You can enroll with a bachelor's degree in any major


  • The Teachers of Tomorrow program provides condensed training compared to traditional teacher preparation programs. You must be self-driven in order to understand pedagogy and instructional strategies fast.
  • No physical interactions with peers or instructors, which can lead to isolation and feeling less supported. 
  •  Includes exam fees and other certification expenses. 

Recent Reviews from Teachers of Tomorrow Candidates

Here are some of the reviews of Teachers of Tomorrow from Trustpilot.

Wonderful place to go for those looking for an alternative way to get a teacher certification in Texas. Incredibly happy with the staff and the guidance they provide.


Teachers of Tomorrow has given me the ability to have my dream job, so I will always be extremely grateful for it! I do not have experience with other alternative certification programs, but I can say that my experience was smooth and relatively easy. I especially appreciated the program's help when it comes to job searching.

Lexie Hutson

Overall, my experience with Teachers of Tomorrow surpassed all expectations. Not only did I receive an excellent education in teaching, but I also formed bonds with colleagues that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities provided, and I am excited to embark on my teaching career with the knowledge, skills, and confidence I gained through this exceptional program. Thank you, Teachers of Tomorrow!

Tracee Barlow


The Teachers of Tomorrow is accredited by the Accrediting Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). 

This body ensures all educator programs meet the quality standards for educator preparation.


Over 80,000 teachers and counting have been certified through the Teachers of Tomorrow program. This is an endorsement of the program's commitment to providing simple, affordable, and time-conscious teacher certification to thousands of aspirin educators.

Contact Information 

To enroll in the Teachers of Tomorrow program or learn more about the offerings, you can check out their website. They have detailed guidance and instructions for every state.

You can also call them on these phone numbers during working hours.

  1. Alabama: 334- 604-7114
  2. Arizona: 602-644-7410
  3. Florida: 866-778-3224
  4. Indiana: 317-260-2908
  5. Michigan: 313-209-3504
  6. Nevada: 702-359-5081
  7. North Carolina: 919-750-8474
  8. Ohio: 380-230-9485
  9. South Carolina: 803-576-4375
  10. Texas: 877-888-2640

Recent News and Information 2024

Teachers of Tomorrow have recently started a reward program known as the Pass it On Referral Program. Through this initiative, participants can get paid for referring tier friends to enroll in the ACP.

To participate:

  • Create an account and get a referral link
  • Share the link to all the platforms and people you know who may be interested in becoming educators
  • Monitor your earnings through your dashboard.

The initiative is aimed at getting more passionate individuals into the teaching profession while rewarding those who can share information about the ACP.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does Teachers of Tomorrow ACP Take?

The Teachers of Tomorrow is an online self-paced program. This means that once you receive the training materials, it's upon you to complete them as soon as possible.

Most of the candidates complete pre-service training in the first three months. Then, get into an internship where they teach with full pay and benefits as they complete their remaining certification requirements.

What is the cost of the Teachers of Tomorrow ACP?

As mentioned earlier, the total program cost for the Teachers of Tomorrow varies from one state to another.

You can find the specific cost of the program in your state on the Teachers of Tomorrow website.

Overall – How good is Teachers of Tomorrow   

The Teachers of Tomorrow alternative certification program is one of the most ideal alternative certification programs for aspiring teachers.

With over 80,000 certified teachers, the program has a proven track record of producing educators who succeed in the classroom.

The program is also affordable, with a flexible payment plan that is achievable for career changers with financial challenges. 

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