5 Best Tools for Classroom Management

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Some of the most helpful tools for classroom management…

In order to effectively manage a classroom, teachers must be organized and efficient. But staying organized and saving time can, of course, be quite a challenge. Here are some of the best classroom management tools you can use this year.

class dojo, classroom management

Start tracking positive classroom behavior immediately with ClassDojo. Whenever a student does something good in class, you can give them a +1. These points can be collected to earn various prizes. Students can also create their own digital portfolios inside this program and upload class photos and stories that can then be shared with parents.

Ditto Clipboard Manager
classroom management
This nifty tool is perfect for anyone who tends to copy and paste. Often times, students ask the same questions about projects and other class assignments. It is a waste of time to write out the same response every time. Ditto Clipboard Manager saves your most frequent and recent responses so that you can simply paste in the same response in your emails or text messages.

Nearpod, classroom management

Nearpod offers the ability to add interactive features to old lessons or to create a new one from scratch. These multimedia lessons increase student interest and engagement. This tool also provides teachers with real-time feedback for quizzes and polls. That means you can assess student learning during your lesson.

showbie -free technology for teachers, classroom management

Make your classroom paperless with Showbie. This app completely digitizes the process of assigning, collecting, and grading work. That means you never have to print out an assignment. You can even use the pen tool, comments, and voice notes to provide feedback to your students. Also, whenever you upload an assignment, Showbie automatically distributes to all your students.

Chrome Extensions, wunderlist

Teachers constantly have to juggle work projects and classes. Wunderlist is a free resource that helps keep you organized. Simply create a to-do list and then keep all notes, communication, and reminders in a folder dedicated to that task. This resource works across any device, making it easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

What are some of your favorite classroom management tools? Please share with us in the comments below.


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