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Ashland University College Credits and SimpleK12

For several years, SimpleK12 and the Teacher Learning Community, the world's largest provider of online teacher professional development, has partnered with Ashland University to provide college-credit courses. If you enjoy SimpleK12's webinar style, and you need college credits (and not just PD or CEU credits), check with the folks at Ashland. The following pages will show you several of the courses which Ashland University offers.
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iPads in the Classroom

An orientation for new users explains basic iPad features and helpful essentials, such as connecting to a wireless network and setting up email, while a fast-paced overview explores 20 free iPad apps educators can't live without. You will learn tips and strategies for lesson planning with an iPad, an assortment of classroom management tactics and apps, and how you use iPads to get a better understanding of student learning and comprehension. Discover how to set up and manage iOS devices both with and without the Apple Deployment program. These webinars will also show you how you can use and evaluate project-based learning with mobile devices, such as the iPad, to motivate learners to create engaging projects that integrate research.

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Digital Citizenship

All too often, many people, and especially young people, don't understand the consequences of their actions online and behave in ways that either put them in danger or make them poor digital citizens. This toolkit contains webinars that explain what constitutes good digital citizens and explore a variety of tools, websites, and activities you can use to help your students become better digital citizens. Discover various strategies and tips for helping students become curators of knowledge. If you use mobile technologies, learn how to curate and organize information using mobile devices. Learn about collaborative tools, such as shared documents, wikis, presentation tools, online sticky notes, online discussions; and more - and how you can use them in your classroom. You will also discover ways you can easily collaborate and share with fellow educators to learn best practices, distribute information, and enhance your professional development.

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Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an educational format in which a student learns through a combination of face-to-face content instruction time and through digital and online media with the student having some level of control over the time, pace, path, or place. Blended Learning is quickly becoming a way for teachers to instruct digital natives in a more engaging and strategic way. In this course, you will learn innovative techniques and strategies to enhance your instruction and improve student engagement in content using the Flipped Classroom, Mobile Learning, and Interactive Whiteboards.

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Reading & Writing - Elementary

Getting younger children excited about reading and writing and helping struggling students succeed can be crucial to their success in other subjects and in later grades. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss strategies, resources, and digital tools that will help energize the reading and writing instruction of your elementary students. It also contains webinars that discuss engaging tools, classroom strategies, and activities to motivate your elementary students and develop their emerging skills.

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Read & Write - Secondary

Older students - even those who were excited by reading when younger - are often distracted by "other things" or find reading more of a challenge as they are faced with more complex texts for deeper meaning. Discover tactics that students can use to get started writing, suggestions for using digital graphic organizers, tips for writing a strong paragraph, and ways to support a clear argument with evidence. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss a variety of digital tools, websites, and strategies for enhancing literacy and enticing your secondary students to read and write.

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Google is so much more than an internet search engine but has many features to offer teachers and schools to help you organize your classroom. This training will help you discover free Google tools to help you and your students collaborate, create, explore, communicate, and learn. We will also learn about applications and tools to make it easy for students to do this individually, in small groups, or as a class. Finally, this course will help you with finding Google applications that will help you manage your time and find new ways of documenting and tracking data, grades, and more.

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Instructional Strategies

Get a general introduction to Common Core and discover strategies for implementing the standards, as well as ways to integrate technology with the standards. You will learn how to plan and create engaging content and lessons that support common Core Standards using a variety of online resources, tools, iPad apps, and blended instruction. You will discover techniques for personalized learning and find out ways to differentiate your instruction and your assessments to help meet Common Core State standards. Discover a variety of formal and informal ways to collect evidence of student performance and learning, as well as how to analyze and use that data. You will also learn strategies for communicating with parents using a variety of digital tools, newsletters. emails, websites, social media, and more.

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College and Career Ready

Colleges and potential employers want technology-savvy applicants with positive mindsets who are ready to meet the challenges of college or the workforce without remediation. This course consists of webinars which address technology topics such as keyboarding and coding as well as researching, evaluation, and citing sources. It also contains instruction on understanding of the Common Core State Standard Speaking and Listening expectations and shares lesson ideas and activities to help students become effective oral communicators in various settings. Discover strategies you can share with your students, including what to do before, during, and after an interview, as well as how to write a resume and cover letter.

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Classroom Management

This training on Classroom Management is designed to give you skills and techniques to help you keep students focused, organized, and on task. This is accomplished through strategies in dealing with students, handling paperwork, data, and grading, as well as managing behavior and resources. You will learn about how to utilize digital tools to manage classroom tasks and student engagement. You will also learn how to use your iPad in managing your teaching from anywhere in the room through the use of your computer or interactive whiteboard.

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Ashland University offers various college-credit courses which rely on SimpleK12 teacher professional development courses, webinars, and videos.


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