Free Language Games for the Classroom

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Looking for some free language games to use in your classroom? Take a look at offers up a lot of fun freebies, including word of the day, quote of the day, word facts, pronunciation guides, mobile apps — all of that and more all available for free.

For now, I want to take a minute to focus on one of my favorite parts of this tool – the games.

Looking for a fun way to train your brain? Challenge yourself to new puzzles and games every day in our unique collection of brainteasers. Maybe you’re looking for a mathematical game, a crossword puzzle, or a word search. Play a new game today. –

Free Language Games for the Classroom

Check out the free language games at

NOTE: These games are made for adults, so are probably not the best fit for younger students. If you're looking to challenge your high school or perhaps middle school students, or even have some fun yourself (because that's allowed too!), these language games are worth looking at.

The four free language games currently available are Crossword Puzzle, Word Roundup, Play Four, and Up & Down Words.

Each game refreshes every day so there's always a new version available.

Crossword Puzzle follows all the traditional words. Clues given out and players fill in a grid with the correct answers. Word Roundup is similar to a word search, except instead of words there are clues given out with answers given in the block of letters. Play Four is similar to a crossword puzzle, except with a much smaller grid (4×4).  Up & Down Words is another twist on the classic crossword puzzle, where the last word of the previous answer becomes your clue for the next word.

Engage your students and improve their vocabulary with these fun language games. Which one is your favorite?

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