Thousands of STEM Videos to Engage Your Visual Learners

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Are you looking for high quality STEM videos to engage your students in science, technology, engineering, or math? This resource is for you!

Science 360 is an outstanding free video resource for classroom use. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, teachers can use the Science 360 website or iPad app to engage students with STEM videos.

The Science360 Video Library immerses visitors in the latest wonders of science, engineering, technology and math. We gather the latest science videos provided by scientists, colleges and universities, science and engineering centers, the National Science Foundation and more. Each video is embeddable to put on your own personal websites, blogs and social networking pages. Science360 engages the general public, science junkies and students alike in the cutting-edge discoveries and big science stories of the day. – About Science 360

Thousands of STEM Videos to Engage Your Visual Learners

Explore thousands of STEM videos for classroom use with Science 360.

The Science 360 Video Library includes a wide range of STEM topics including astronomy, physics, chemistry, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences, and more.

Science 360 offers many different video series you can share with students. Click here to view a full listing of all of the free STEM videos available in series format.

Here are a couple of my favorite series.

Science of NFL Football
While I'm not a huge football fan (actually, I'm far from it), I do live in the south. This means I encounter a large majority of students interested in sports, and more specifically, American football. As teachers we know that relating to students' interests is an important part of helping them learn, and that's why I love this series — it directly relates to something that many students have a passion for. In this video series students learn about the science behind this popular sport. Along similar lines, also check out Science of NHL Hockey and Science of the Summer Olympics. These STEM videos would be great for integrating science into Physical Education courses, too.

Engineer Guy
This fun series features engineer Bill Hammock as he uncovers the scientific reasoning behind many common inventions and technological advances. Learn about everything from smartphones to soda pop cans, and how science played a role in each modern day invention.

Take a look at this video library and see what you think. Can you see using some of these STEM videos with your students?

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