10 Ways to Improve Student Behavior

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10 Ways to Improve Student Behavior

Struggling to improve student behavior? Even the best behaved students have off days. It happens to everyone. But there are simple ways to brighten up even the most stubborn kid's day. I watch social media closely and it's my job to share some of the hot topics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other outlets that teachers, principals, students, and parents are contributing.

We Are Teachers shared this infographic about “10 Ways to Flip a Kid,” to flip their attitude around that is. Most of these ways can be accomplished simply by staying positive and showing the student you care. Knowing someone noticed that you're upset or stressed can go a long way in improving someone's outlook. Another great way to improve student behavior is to put yourself in their shoes. Ask questions like, “how have people made me feel better in the past?” or “how would I like my superiors to handle this situation if I were the one in it?” Just by treating every student like they are special and deserve respect will go a long way in improving their outlook. You can see the list of 10 suggestions below.

improve student behavior

Does this image and post forget a suggestion? How do you help students think more positively? Do you find it harder to get a stuborn student under control or help a usually well-behaved student get back on the right track?

Tori Pakizer is the Social Media Editor at SimpleK12.com. She writes regularly about the use of educational technology in K-12 classrooms, and specializes in how teachers use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media. You can follow Tori and SimpleK12 on Twitter @SimpleK12. If you have ideas for using social media in schools, please send your information or tip to editor@simplek12.com.

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