We've all heard the saying, “Attitude is everything”. And it is true! But happiness is also about having the right mindset. If we believe that happiness is just out of our reach, then it will be. Join Dr. Courtney Teague as she discusses the small steps you can take each day to transform your mindset and make happiness a priority. You will also learn strategies for adopting a positive outlook that will make happiness more attainable.

This is session two of three for the series titled “Abundant Wellness for Educators.”

Presented by Courtney Teague

Dr. Courtney Teague is a certified executive coach and change management practitioner. She has served as an administrator while on assignment to McKinsey & Company as well as a director of coaching for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools. Courtney has over two decades of education experience and frequently speaks at conferences worldwide on topics such as inclusion, neurodiversity, equity, accessibility, and sustainability.


  • Identify three small commitments that you can implement each day to transform your mindset and make happiness a priority.

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