Many students underestimate or do not realize the far-reaching and potentially devastating impact that cyberbullying can have on a victim. Because cyberbullying occurs online, often under the guise of anonymity, it can be especially vicious and intimidating. And, because it can be “witnessed” by scores of online spectators and perpetrated 24/7, the impact is far-reaching, and victims often feel they have nowhere to hide. In part one of this two-part series, Brent Maguire provides an overview of what cyberbullying is and how it occurs. You will also learn about the various forms of cyberbullying, how it differs from “traditional” bullying, and some of the challenges it presents.

Presented by Brent Maguire

Brent Maguire is the Program Director of Emergency Perparedness for Eastern Illinois Community Colleges. He holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He spent fifteen years in law enforcement, including eight years as an investigator, and was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children’s Taskforce.


  • Explain the various forms of cyberbullying and describe how it differs from “traditional” bullying.
  • Discuss the impact cyberbullying can have on a victim and the challenges it presents.

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Participants will join a collaborative backchannel chat and discuss the impact of cyberbullying to demonstrate their understanding of the session objectives and reflect on their learning.


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