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As schools quickly moved from a traditional classroom setting to an online environment, students were unsure what to expect, and teachers did not have an opportunity to prepare them. Join Dr. Michelle Cheasty as she discusses how to shift the work load from the teacher to the student and how to help students become accountable for their own education in a virtual world. You'll also learn about several applications you can use to share information with your students, as well as tools to help them stay on top of due dates and assignments.

Presented by Michelle Cheasty

Dr. Michelle Cheasty-Christ teaches various college-level courses, as well as special education students in a K-12 school district in West Virginia. She completed her PhD in Education in 2011, and has been in education for almost 20 years, holding teaching licenses in K-8, Social Studies, Business Education, Special Education, Supervisor, Principal, and School Administrator.


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