Would you like to transform student learning and engagement in your elementary classroom? In this training session, you will discover how iPad content integration is impacting student learning in early childhood and elementary teaching and learning environments. Join Naomi Harm as she showcases how the iPad can transform classroom instruction and delivery practices of content-based lessons. We will discuss the value of the iPad as an immediate learning and assessment tool for ALL students, and you will discover the best possible methods of integrating this mobile learning device in collaborative and constructive learning spaces. We will also share an essential iPad resource list of the best-of-the-best educational apps that enable students to create, consume, produce, and reflect on their learning experiences at the elementary levels.

Presented by Naomi Harm

Naomi Harm is an EdTech influencer and women in leadership strategist. She has a passion and drive for instigating STEM innovation into all of her professional learning offerings. Naomi welcomes every opportunity to share her researched-based expertise on brain-based learning instructional approaches, sensory tactile learning experiences, as to provide ALL students of every ability the access and equity to STEM teaching and learning resources to build their life long learning confidence.


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