Where To Find Video Clips to Hook Students, Option 1

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Let's use video clips to pique the interest of your students, and get them interested in your lesson plans.

Students today love online media, and this video site is both educational, and entertaining. It's a win-win.

In this 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solver video, an experienced edtech trainer shows how to use TedEd to engage students in the classroom with video clips.

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I love the variety of topics and resources available at TedEd. Art, Health, Science, Social Studies — there is something for everyone available on this site. In addition to the video itself, you'll find multiple-choice quiz questions, discussion questions, and more ideas to help integrate each video into your lessons.

Overall, TedEd is a great place to start when it comes to helping students make connections between classroom learning and the real world. What do you think of this resource? Let me know in a comment on this article.

Where To Find Video Clips to Hook Students, Option 1

Interested in more resources for your students? Take a look at this on-demand training session for teachers:

Hook Your Students with One of Their Favorite Sites – YouTube. We all know how difficult it is to engage students, so why not use one of their favorite sites — YouTube. To some educators, YouTube may seem to be nothing more than a bunch of sometimes pointless videos, but don't dismiss it too quickly. YouTube is full of amazing, educational video clips that can be used to “hook” students at the beginning of a lesson or used to bolster the understanding of a particular lesson. This session focuses on some of the fantastic tools that have been created to make YouTube easier and safer to use in the classroom. For those of you who don't have access to YouTube in your classroom, we'll look at some other options to deal with that as well.

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Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Monica works with teachers to make technology integration exciting and accessible at all grade levels. She has conducted well over 50 unique training sessions for SimpleK12, click here to take a look at more videos from Monica.

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