How to Increase Global Awareness in Your Classroom

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Would you like to increase global awareness in your classroom? Let's take a look at Project Explorer.’s mission is to bring the world into the classroom with free multimedia content and lesson plans that improve students’ global awareness and cross cultural understanding. – Project Explorer

How to Increase Global Awareness in Your Classroom

Increase global awareness in your classroom with top notch resources at Project Explorer.

Whether you're a teacher of world history, literature, music, language, arts, social studies or sciences, Project Explorer has content for you to share with your students.

Browsing on Project Explorer website, you can see how easy it is to find the perfect resource for your students. First, you can select which grade level you're interested in (upper elementary, middle school, or high school). Then you'll see a range of “Adventures” for that grade level, sorted by country.

For example, you can explore Mexico with your upper elementary students by watching a 6-minute introduction video, reading a brief article together, and looking at additional resources on the Mexican Flag, and Spanish Language.

Here are a couple ideas of how you might use this web resource in your classroom:

  • Break students into groups and let them choose their own country to explore. Have them look at all  of the resources as a team, and report back on their findings.
  • Students could use these resources as part of a genealogy project. They'll love learning about the origins and cultures of their ancestors.

It's time to let your class explore the world in increase global awareness in your classroom. Over 6 million students are already taking advantage of Project Explorer's resources… will your students be next? Let me know what your favorite resource is in a comment on this article.

Kimber Thompson is a Lead Moderator for SimpleK12 webinars and a Contributing Editor for She writes frequently about education topics, and is passionate about tools and techniques that inspire young learners. You may reach her with ideas and comments at

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