Mobile Activities that Get Students Moving and Learning

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Mobile Activities that Get Students Moving and Learning

Mobile Activities

Eight hours a day is a long time to sit still, especially for young students, so mobile activities can often come to the rescue. Sitting still is known to have harmful health effects both physically and mentally, and can add to learning problems. Getting students moving can help with classroom management, burn off pent-up energy, and can make lessons more memorable. Mobile activities are a great resource for adding movement to any classroom.

In Shelly Terrell’s webinar, 10 Activities that Will Have Students Moving with Mobile Devices she shares several different apps and how to turn them into active lessons. She also talks about how mobile activities can improve student behavior and classroom management.

For more in depth information on these activities check out the video recording here. Also take a look at the raw, unedited, unfiltered dialogue from the backchannel discussion from the live presentation.

Warning: No changes whatsoever have been made to the backchannel discussion. Continue reading at your own risk…


SimpleK12 Webinar: 10 Activities that Will Have Students Moving with Mobile Devices
Presented by: Shelly Sanchez Terrell
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notes down here
10  Activities that Will Have Students Moving with Mobile Devices (mobile activities)
Presented by: Shelly Sanchez Terrell
– Advantages to kids to move. STEAM. Need to promote creativity and student-centered learning.
– Active learning get better classroom management.
– Sitting 8 hrs/day makes the students very antsy.
Mobile devices:
– make videos
-take pictures
– QR codes
**Problem not a lot of schools have broadband/fast wi-fi
Mingle with devices: (taught since 1994)
“Mingle activities”
1) “App mingle” – it's not an app it is a name of a activity to do with students using tablets/apps
-pair students
-show what they can do with students with apps for 30 min
-set timer for 30 min
– “show and tell”
1a) draw your favorite – use a drawing app
Name a category (cat, cartoon, ect)
 – paper53, Adobe draw
2) QR codes
quickmark– allows you to create AND scan
integrate with realia
Jigsaw idea:
multi colored codes….one has red, one black: example: joke….one has the question, the other the punchline
have to figure out whom they match with
use with test questions and answers
3)Active learning with Photography
friendstrip: put themselves in their own comic
picstin sp?
Example Apps: instagram, BeFunky, picCollage, InageChef, Muzy, CamMe, pixstun (?)
3a) I spy…. (another photography idea)
-take a picture closeup from home
zoom in
– guess the object then guess the geometry shape that it represents
3b) photo challenge
– Add a paragraph
– Use points
– Missions
3c) Collage activities (field trip, art)
– observations
– visual elements
 ex: animal in its habitat: describe what you observed
 Sections of an object/place and make it into a puzzle; write clues: peers will guess what it is
4) Digital scrapbooks
App: EverNote, OneNote
 – ex: nature book, rock collection, moments/blog, bug identification, plant indentification
 4a) ex app: BookCreator
 – can publish to the iBook store
 4b) ex app: Comics Head ( IOS/Anroid)
  – ex: selfies
template for comic
  5) Field observations
   – ex apps: MIT apps for research (citizen scientist)
  • pair/group students
  • observe specimen, make hypotheses, take notes, geotag, take photos, collect reseach
  • present findings
ex app: Euclipper:
6) Scavenger hunts with friends
qr treasure hunt generator
7) Active Learning
8) Lesson Planning
Talking Ben
9) Management idea:
use a plastic baggie to keep ipad/tablet safe
10) Use a stylus
– helps students to click apps
11) future
-access learning through google docs
FaceMotion App
CamMe App- Lift hand a lower hand causes the app to take a picture.
The 30 Goal Challenge for Teachers…….Great book for resources

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