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DATE: March 24th @ 10 am ET

Who Should Attend this Workshop:

  • Elementary Educators (K-5)

  • Middle Grades Educators (6-8)

  • High School Educators (9-12)

  • Special Education Teachers

Training categories:

  • Primary Category: Assessment & Review

  • Secondary Category: Game-based Learning


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Session Description:

If you know, you know…Wordle fever is increasing with each passing day! Jump on the Wordle craze with Dr. Samantha Fecich as we explore the many benefits of using Wordle in the classroom. You will also discover how to differentiate instruction using a variety of Wordle games, including math options, as well as tips and tricks for designing custom word lists to use with any grade level and subject area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the benefits of using Wordle in the classroom.
  • Create a grade level or subject area specific Wordle game to foster student engagement and differentiate instruction.


Participants will create their own Wordle game to demonstrate their understanding of the session objectives and reflect on their learning.

Dr. Samantha Fecich teaches preservice teachers (future teachers) at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. She has the honor and the pleasure of working with them in their courses related to educational technology and special education. Samantha enjoys impacting students that she will never get to meet through the work of her preservice educators. Samantha is also the author of two books designed to support the new and future educator; EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers, which gives teachers a road map to become an educator of excellence during the college career, and EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers, which is designed to help a beginning teacher thrive during their first year of teaching. In addition, Samantha is also the host of the EduMagic Podcast, which is designed with new teachers in mind. This podcast shines a light on the work of future teachers. It is a lot of fun!


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