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Have you ever wondered how to develop quality assessments that allow students to showcase their understanding in various ways? Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles advocate for the creation of assessments that offer multiple means of engagement and align with students' individual strengths and preferences. Join Dr. Matt Bergman for this hands-on, interactive workshop as we explore how to build assessments with UDL in mind, including design standards-aligned assessments with construct-relevant options. Get ready to reimagine your assessment strategy to ensure that all students have equitable opportunities to demonstrate their learning! Matt’s expertise in universal design for learning will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to craft rubrics, provide meaningful feedback, and celebrate diverse learning abilities of students – all while creating a feedback-rich classroom where every student thrives. 

This is workshop two of four for the series titled “The Transformative Power of Universal Design for Learning.” 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Explore the UDL framework for assessment design, including the incorporation of construct-relevant options, flexibility, and choice to promote accessibility and fairness for all students. 
  2. Learn practical strategies for designing assessments that align with standards and curriculum goals while providing students with options for demonstrating their knowledge and skills.  
  3. Discover how to incorporate UDL principles into diverse types of assessments, including formative assessments, summative assessments, and alternative assessments.  
  4. Gain insights into the benefits of UDL assessment design for promoting student engagement, motivation, and academic achievement, and learn how to advocate for UDL implementation in your school or district.

Workshop Details: 

While we recommend that you attend all sessions of the workshop series to meet the learning objectives, each workshop can be attended as a standalone. Full members will also have access to view the recordings on demand and earn up to four continuing education credits. 

Special Technology Instructions: 

Attendees will need access to an internet-enabled device and a personal Google account (not affiliated with their school). SimpleK12’s Google Classroom will be utilized for the interactive and hands-on components of this workshop. 


Participants will complete an exit ticket to demonstrate their understanding of the workshop objectives and reflect on their learning.  

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