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Are you struggling to integrate data into your daily teaching routines effectively? Effective classroom management, combined with data-driven instruction, allows teachers to create a dynamic and responsive learning environment where real-time adjustments can be made to optimize student learning. Join Sofia Guerrero for this hands-on, interactive workshop as we focus on the practical aspects of classroom management and teacher moves that ensure data translates into improved student learning. Learn how to seamlessly integrate data into your daily routines, manage your classroom effectively, and make real-time adjustments to your instruction. Get ready to turn your data insights into powerful teaching actions that drive success! Sofia’s expertise as an instructional specialist will equip you with the tools and resources you need to bring data-driven instruction to life in your math classroom through effective implementation strategies. 

This is workshop three of three for the series titled “Data Driven Instruction in the Math Classroom.” 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Learn strategies for integrating data into your daily teaching routines to inform and enhance your instructional practices. 
  2. Discover techniques for managing your classroom effectively while implementing data-driven instruction.  
  3. Explore methods for making real-time adjustments to your instruction based on data insights to maximize student learning.  
  4. Gain practical tips for maintaining a sustainable approach to data-driven instruction that supports ongoing student success. 

Workshop Details: 

While we recommend that you attend all sessions of the workshop series to meet the learning objectives, each workshop can be attended as a standalone. Full members will also have access to view the recordings on demand and earn up to three continuing education credits.  

Special Technology Instructions:

Attendees will need access to an internet-enabled device, a personal Google account (not affiliated with their school), and an optional free Desmos account. SimpleK12’s Google Classroom will be utilized for the interactive and hands-on components of this workshop.


Participants will complete a poll to demonstrate their understanding of the workshop objectives and reflect on their learning. 

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