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Have you ever wondered how to make your classroom discussions more engaging and purposeful? Academic talk, when incorporated effectively, can transform the dynamics of a classroom, fostering a vibrant learning environment that encourages critical thinking and active participation. Join Lauren Boucher for this timesaving, to the point session and explore strategies to create dynamic, intellectually stimulating environments where students confidently articulate their thoughts, building a foundation for lifelong learning. Get ready to discover the untapped potential of academic talk to enhance student learning for all ages and abilities! Lauren’s expertise in collaborative learning will provide you with the tools and resources you need to facilitate meaningful discussions in your classroom and foster a classroom culture that values every voice.  

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Understand the pivotal role and importance of academic talk in promoting student engagement and deep learning.  
  2. Learn practical and effective strategies for incorporating academic talk into your daily teaching practice that can be tailored to suit diverse classroom settings.  
  3. Discover how to create a safe and inclusive space for students to express their thoughts and ideas, fostering a classroom culture that values every voice. 
  4. Gain insights into assessing the effectiveness of academic talk and learn how to use feedback and reflection to continuously improve your practice. 


Participants will have communication and collaboration and opportunities throughout the training to demonstrate their understanding of the workshop objectives and reflect on their learning.

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