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Ever wondered how to design artificial intelligence (AI) prompts that engage students, promote critical thinking, and personalize learning experiences? Well-designed AI prompts can stimulate students' curiosity, guide their exploration of complex topics, provide feedback and support, and enhance learning outcomes and engagement. Join Lauren Boucher for this hands-on, interactive workshop as we explore the art and science of crafting effective prompts to leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence tools in the classroom, including frameworks and strategies to design prompts tailored to specific educational objectives and student needs. Get ready to become a prompt pioneer and harness the power of AI in education! Lauren’s expertise in digital teaching and learning will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and craft robust prompts that will yield desired results.  

This is workshop two of six for the series titled “Empowering Educators with AI: Unlocking New Frontiers in Teaching.” 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Explore the principles of effective prompt design and how they can be applied to AI-powered learning environments, from adaptive learning platforms to intelligent tutoring systems. 
  2. Learn practical strategies for crafting dynamic AI prompts that engage students, promote critical thinking, and support personalized learning experiences. 
  3. Discover how to align AI prompts with learning objectives, standards, and curriculum requirements, ensuring that prompts are relevant, meaningful, and scaffolded to support students' learning needs. 
  4. Gain insights into the role of AI in providing real-time feedback and support to students, enabling them to monitor their progress, identify areas of strength and weakness, and make informed decisions about their learning. 

Workshop Details: 

While we recommend that you attend all sessions of the workshop series to meet the learning objectives, each workshop can be attended as a standalone. Full members will also have access to view the recordings on demand and earn up to six continuing education credits. 

Special Technology Instructions: 

Attendees will need access to an internet-enabled device and a personal Google account (not affiliated with their school). SimpleK12’s Google Classroom will be utilized for the interactive and hands-on components of this workshop.


Participants will have communication and collaboration and opportunities throughout the training to demonstrate their understanding of the workshop objectives and reflect on their learning.  

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