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Are you searching for innovative ways to keep your students engaged until the very last day of the school year? Implementing interactive teaching methods can reignite students' interest and motivation, making the final stretch of the school year productive and enjoyable for both educators and learners. Join Lauren Boucher for this timesaving, to the point session as we explore evidence-based teaching strategies that will foster hope and support student resilience, as well as fresh and creative methods to ignite excitement and curiosity in your classroom. Get ready to discover a treasure trove of digital tools that will revolutionize your approach to student engagement! Lauren’s expertise in differentiated instruction will equip you with the skills and resources you need to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment, ensuring that your students remain motivated and involved throughout the school year. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Unlock a toolbox of innovative teaching techniques designed to captivate students' attention and sustain engagement throughout the academic year. 
  2. Explore creative ways to infuse technology into your lessons, transforming traditional learning experiences into dynamic and interactive adventures. 
  3. Learn strategies for incorporating project-based learning, gamification, and other hands-on activities to make learning meaningful and memorable. 
  4. Discover methods for building strong relationships with students, creating a supportive and inclusive classroom community where every voice is valued. 


Participants will have communication and collaboration and opportunities throughout the training to demonstrate their understanding of the workshop objectives and reflect on their learning.   

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