The Best Summer Jobs Teachers Can Hold Year-Round

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Summer Jobs Teachers Can Keep During the School-Year

summer jobTeaching can be an extremely rewarding and fun career. No matter what age group you work with, you have the opportunity to mold minds every day and expose children to all the things you loved as a kid, such as reading, math, and science.

But for many teachers, summer break presents a set of challenges. First, finding summer jobs that pay well, but even if you are fortunate enough to find one os those, the employer will often allow you to keep it only temporarily. Second, finding a job that is flexible enough to allow you to potentially keep it even after school starts back in the fall. Many educators find that they need a part-time job or a little extra income during the school year, but it’s hard to find something that allows time for grading papers and all the other responsibilities school requires.

There are some fantastic options, however, if you get creative and know where to look. Here are a few of the best summer jobs that teachers can keep year-round.

Be a party planner
Event planning requires someone who is organized, creative, and hard-working, so teachers are perfect candidates for the job. It does often take a bit of startup money and requires some time, because you’ll need to promote your business. But if you have a theme in mind, things will go pretty smoothly. Since you already have experience working with kids, maybe try planning parties for children. This could work out in your favor because you’ll be able to promote to parents during the school year.

Stay active as a dog boarder or dog walker
If you’re an animal lover, dog boarding might be right for you. Sites like offer a place for pet owners and responsible caregivers to find one another and decide if the job is right. In many cases, the pet owner will bring the animal right to you, so you can earn cash from the comfort of your own home. Depending on the pet’s needs, you might be able to board more than one animal at once and keep your business going throughout the school year.

There might be several people in your neighborhood right now who need someone trustworthy to come let their pet out while they’re at work, and they are willing to pay. Like pet boarding, dog walking is great for animal lovers. This job would allow you quite a bit of flexibility and help you get exercise while bonding with a loving animal.

summer jobsUse your knowledge as a museum guide
Museums are often on the lookout for knowledgeable guides and instructors during the summer. If you enjoy the job, you might be able to stay on with weekend hours after the summer break ends. This is a fun, relatively stress-free gig that would allow you to work with children as well as adults.

Get out and about as a sales rep or merchandiser
Retail work has a high turnover rate, so it’s rarely difficult to find a job at a clothing store or specialty shop. These types of jobs can offer flexibility throughout the year, especially merchandising. Merchandising would allow you to travel to different stores and set up items for manufacturers. In most cases, companies hiring merchandisers will reimburse for gas and mileage, as well.

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