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1. Make Google Forms Work for You




2. Simple Google Search Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Frustration


3. Student and Collaborative Class Projects with Google Tools

If you liked the content inside the Google Sample Pack then contact us to discuss some school licensing options today!
800-393-4636  or director@simplek12.com

The Google Sample Pack is only a small fraction of the Google training you can provide to your teachers.  Here’s a list of webinar titles in the ever expanding Google category we currently available.  If you want your teachers trained in all things Google then you need this training for your school!

Google Sites: You CAN Create a Website – and It's Easier Than You Think!

Great Ways to Use Google Drive for Student Driven Learning Projects

Managing the Apps, Books, and Extensions on School-issued Chromebooks or Android Tablets

Using Google Drive for Interaction in Face-to-Face, Blended, and Online Classes

Around The World in Eighty Days: Virtual Field Trips on Your Chromebook

Using Google Drawings and Photos to Share Content and Demonstrate Understanding

Flipping Your Class with Google Hangouts

Creative Collaborative Projects with Google Slides

Setting up and Getting Started with Google Hangouts

Tools for Chromebooks: Apps, Extensions, and Add-Ons, Oh My!

Tips for Using Google Hangouts in the Classroom

Getting Started with Chrome Apps to Create and Make with Your Students

Take Collaboration and Projects to a New Level with Google Drive

10 Ways Google Forms Can Change Your Classroom

Facilitate a Writing Workshop Using Google Docs

Google Tools: An Intro for Educators

Simple Google Search Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Frustration

Top 10 Free Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for Classroom Use

20 of the Best Chrome Extensions for the Classroom

Using Google Hangouts for Mystery Calls and Other Class Projects

Sharing Your School or Classroom with Google Hangouts

Using Google Apps to Create Interactive Student or Class Projects

Using Google Hangouts to Connect Student Learning

Connecting and Collaborating with Google Hangouts

Google Search: 10 Tips to Help Your Students Search Smarter!

Projects and Suggestions for Differentiating Instruction with Google Drive

The Top 5 Chrome App Extensions for Researching and Writing

Google Classroom: An Intro to Saving Time, Staying Organized, and Improving Communication

Project Ideas for Using Google Hangouts in Your Classroom

Virtual Explorations and Field Trips with Google Tools

Great Ways to Use Google Drive to Power Up Your Classroom

Telling Stories with Digital Maps

Did You Know Google Could Do That?

Help Students Take Ownership, Create, Share, and Reflect with Chromebooks and Chrome Apps

Using Google Slides to Construct Knowledge and Encourage Student-driven Learning

Blogging with Blogger – Everything You Need to Know to Make an Awesome Blog

Using Google Docs and More for Differentiated, Collaborative Reading

5 Great Ways You Can Use Google Sites with Students

Creation Tools for Web Browsers: Projects for Students on Chromebooks

Save Time and Make Your Job Easier with Google Spreadsheets and Forms

Simplify Data Collection and Documentation with Google Forms

Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs

Using Google Hangouts for Virtual Field Trips: Tips and Tricks

Using Google Apps for Education to Promote Student Success

Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions that Enhance Productivity

Free Web Tools for Easy Formative Assessment

Google Guru: 20 Hidden Google Tricks for Schools and Classrooms

Using Google Hangouts for Podcasting in the Classroom

Stay Connected and Keep Your Privacy with Google Voice

Student and Collaborative Class Projects with Google Tools

Let's Hang! 10 Ideas for Collaborative Learning with HangOuts

Google Sites: Web Sites Made Simple, Part 1

What's New in Google Forms

Make Google Forms Work for You!

Design a Google Art Gallery for Any Subject

Google Sites: Web Sites Made Simple, Part 2

15 Free Web Tools from Google

Grading and Assessment with Google: Tips & Tricks to Save You Time

Google Drive: An Intro to Free Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom

An Intro to Google Drive and Tools

Streamline Collaboration and Communication with Google Docs

Get Started Creating Engaging Student Projects with Chromebooks

Chromebooks 101: An Intro to Using Chromebooks in the Classroom

Great Ways to Use Google Slides for Student-Driven Learning Projects

10 Ways Google Can Increase Student Engagement

Streamline Student Collaboration and Communication with Google Apps

Chrome Extensions to Support Struggling Students

Going Google: The Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Google Tools

Student Projects in the Google Classroom

Amazing Digital Projects for All Students with Google Tools

Recording and Editing Your Google Hangout on Air Session

Make Collaboration Easy with Google Presentations and Spreadsheets

Productivity and Collaboration in the Cloud with Google Drive

Admins: Stay on Track with Google Calendar!

Connect, Access, and Communicate with Google Groups!

Managing a Google Hangout Session

Maximize Your Instruction with Google Docs

Build a Class Website and Create a Class Identity

Transforming Your Instructional Approach within a 1:1 Chromebook Environment

Go Paperless with Tech Tools for Chromebooks and Tablets

Save Time and Simplify Your Grading

10 Google Search Tips to Help You Find the Info You Need

Go Google for Presentations

Time-saving Forms, Surveys, and Quizzes with Google Forms

Applying Bloom's Taxonomy to Google Tools and Projects

Using Google Drawing in the Classroom

Get on Track and Stay There with Google Calendar!

Using Google Apps in the Primary Classroom

Creating a Community of Learners with Google Hangouts

Using Google Forms and Tablets for Classroom Walk-Throughs

Google Search Strategies You Probably Don't Know, But Wish You Did!

Google Anywhere: An Overview of Google's Mobile Apps

10 Google Chrome Extensions I Use in My Classroom Every Day!

Using Google Maps for Virtual Journeys

Easy Formative Assessment with Google Forms

Easy Student Collaboration with Google Drive

Getting to Know Google Chrome Web Tools and Apps

The 10 Best Google Drive Add-ons for Teachers & Students

Combine Literacy and Technology Skills by Creating Your Own Adventure Stories

Use Google Apps to Improve Communication with Parents

Save Time and Paper: Collecting Student Work in a Paperless Classroom

Creating Personalized Assessments with Google Forms

Google Sheets: Project Ideas and Implementation Across Curriculum

Create Self-Checking Quizzes with Google Forms and Spreadsheets

Going Google: An Overview of Google's iOS Apps

Create Engaging Formative Assessments for Chromebooks

Chrome Apps and Extensions: Engaging Students in Learning

Google Forms and Tablets: Collecting Data on the Fly

12 Great Ways to Use Google Drive

Google Apps for Streamlining Tasks: An Administrator's Guide

15 Ways Google Hangouts Can Take the Isolation Out of Special Education

iPad Apps for Administrators' Classroom Observations

Chrome Apps and Extensions For Struggling Students

9 Ways Google Apps for Education Can Address Variability

Using Chrome Extensions to Differentiate Instruction

10 Tips & Ideas for Using Google Tools with Learners

Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators

Collaborating and Connecting with Colleagues using Google Hangouts

Free Accessibility Tools for Students with Visual or Auditory Needs

Getting Started with Google Tools: An Intro for Educators

Chromebooks versus iPads: What's Best for Your School or Classroom Needs?

The YouTube You Don't Know – Eight Frequently Overlooked Features for Teachers

Google Documents: Getting Better All the Time!

5 Great Google Tools: From Simple to Complex

Get Creative with Google Hangouts: Brainstorm, Collaborate, Problem-Solve, and More!

Free Chrome Apps and Extensions to Help You Save Time and Increase Productivity

3 Free Time-saving Google Add-ons You Should Know


If you liked the content inside the Google Sample Pack then contact us to discuss some school licensing options with you today!

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