An App to Explore History Around the World

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Do you have access to smart phones or tablets in your classroom? This free app allows students to explore history around their own neighborhoods, or on the other site of the planet.

History Here is a Webby Award-winning interactive travel guide to thousands of historic locations across the United States. Get the facts about the history that's hidden all around you, including architecture, museums, battlefields, monuments, famous homes and much more. – History Here

An App to Explore History Around the World

Explore history around the world with the History Here mobile app.

History Here is a free app published by Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and the Apple Watch, you can explore historical points of interest on your own, or set the app to notify you when you stumble upon one in your everyday life. This is a great way to learn about interesting history surrounding you that you may not already be aware of. You can also take advantage of the app's Tour feature to take a historical journey around a specific theme (examples include Civil War spots of Atlanta, or Al Capone's Chicago).

Interested in other ways to explore the world with your students? I highly recommend this on-demand training session, Virtual Explorations and Field Trips with Google Tools. This is one of Simplek12's all-time most popular sessions, and it's applicable for almost any subject area. It covers several of Google's street-view products that provide a unique, up-close view of everything from art museums to the Great Barrier Reef to the White House and more. Watch and learn how to virtually travel to physical, historical, and cultural locations and landmarks with your students.

What do you think of the History Here app? Have you tried it out in your classroom yet? Share your thoughts in a comment on this article.

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