A Free Speech to Text App for Everyone

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Learn how you and your students can utilize a speech to text app. There are many benefits of voice recognition software… and best of all this app is completely free!

Use your voice to dictate a text message or email, create Facebook status updates or a Tweet, and anything in between – simply speak and see your text content appear. Download Dragon Dictation for iOS now. – Nuance Communications

A Free Speech to Text App for Everyone

Download the free Dragon Dictation app and take full advantage of its voice recognition software.

It is truly amazing how far voice recognition software has come. What previously might be available to a select few who had the means to pay for expensive technology is now accessible for free via the Dragon Dictation app.

Download the free app and experience remarkably accurate speech to text translations. Compose a text, email, or social media update using the built-in microphone on your iOS device.

What are some of the benefits of embracing voice recognition software?

  • Increased efficiency: According to Dragon Dictation, speaking is up to 5 times faster than typing. This means you can save time by relying on speech to text technology to create emails, notes, messages –whatever it is you need to write out.
  • Hands-free notations: Once you're comfortable with this dictation app, you can easily compose your notes on-the-go, with no hands or keyboards necessary.
  • Better accommodation: For students who need additional help with typing or writing, this free app can be a great tool to better accommodate their special needs.

Not speaking English? Dragon Dictation accommodates many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and many more.

Give this remarkable speech to text app a try. Let me know how it worked for you in a comment on this article!

Kimber Thompson is a Lead Moderator for SimpleK12 webinars and a Contributing Editor for SimpleK12.com. She writes frequently about education topics, and is passionate about tools and techniques that inspire young learners. You may reach her with ideas and comments at editor@simplek12.com.

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